Are you going on holiday later to enjoy the Indian summer and still don't know where to go in September? Don't panic, here is our selection of the best destinations during the off-season.

Where to go in September to bask in the sun?

The northern coast of Italy is an unknown paradise! Situated in the extension of the French Riviera, the Ligurian Riviera, which extends to Tuscany, is a succession of charming little seaside resorts with beautiful beaches. And in September, the weather is usually summery, so you can swim without any problems. Another advantage of the north coast is that it is generally more affordable than the south coast of Italy.

At 2 hours by plane from Paris, Split in Croatia is another famous seaside destination at correct prices in September. Beyond the charms of its old town within the walls of a 3rd century Roman palace, this town on the Dalmatian coast is close to many beautiful beaches such as those on the islands of Brac and Hvar, only an hour's boat ride from Split

Not far from Paris, in Spain on the Costa del Sol, Marbella also offers an ideal climate in September and is much less crowded than in summer. So you can enjoy some peace and quiet on the beautiful beaches of the famous Spanish seaside resort and prices are milder than usual. Don't miss the picturesque city centre with its beautiful white facades, tiny streets and charming little squares..

Where to go in September to get some fresh air?

Considered the most beautiful canyon in Europe and a protected natural site since 1990, the Verdon gorges are truly one of the jewels of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region. Straddling the departments of Var and Alpes de Haute-Provence, these gorges offer a great variety of landscapes beyond their sublime canyon. In September, the summer crowds, usually very large, left the region. It is therefore a good time to enjoy the beaches of the magnificent Sainte-Croix lake and take a dip in its turquoise waters

Further south, Madeira Island is a very pleasant destination for lovers of wide open spaces. The tip of Sao Lourenço offers breathtaking scenery, with its orange-coloured rocks contrasting with the deep blue ocean. To get the most out of this Portuguese island, make a stop at the Cabo Girao cape perched at an altitude of 580 m. You will be able to observe the ocean under your feet thanks to a glass window on which you will walk..

In Asia, there is nothing like Mongolia and its wide open spaces to reconnect with nature! You will be able to live in yurts in the company of nomads with thousand-year-old traditions in the immensity of the steppes or on the edge of the Gobi desert. Beyond the sublime landscapes, the stress of big cities is over. You will relearn to live according to the rhythm of nature, without telephone or Internet. A saving break with always touching encounters

Where to go in September for an exotic city break?

Dublin, the capital of Ireland, is a very good idea to take a break without breaking the bank. There are many low cost flights to the city from Paris and Dublin offers a lot of good deals on the spot to save money. There are several pubs where you can enjoy cheap local food and beer while listening to traditional music, and the Dublin pass allows you to get discounted fares in the city's main tourist sites. Finally, the offer of accommodation in 3-star hotels or hostels in the city centre is good value for money even for small budgets.

The cultural and historical capital of Poland, Krakow is a cheap and exotic destination, ideal for a long weekend. Life is cheaper than in France and low cost flights from Paris take only 2 hours. The concentration of monuments and points of interest allows you to see a large part of Krakow's heritage in two days. The market square is the largest medieval square in Europe. Afterwards, you can visit the castle and the cathedral on Wawel Hill, before heading to the Jewish quarter, then the National Museum and the Czartosky Museum of Fine Arts.

Only 3 hours 45 minutes by TGV from Paris, Basel is a pretty medieval-style city with charming narrow streets. It looks like a seaside town on sunny days, until September, thanks to its sunbathing platforms and the numerous refreshment stands on the banks of the Rhine. It's also a city rich in museums, but if you only have to visit one, visit the Fondation Beyeler, which has a large number of famous paintings, including several by Picasso and Monet. And a little extra: admission is free for young people under 25 years of age.

Across the Rhine, at the end of September, the Oktoberfest starts in Munich! Drink lovers can go there for a weekend. Be sure to drink in moderation!

Where to go in September for a holiday with friends and family?

September announces the end of the summer holidays and we are entering the low season. The advantage of this period is that prices are plummeting and the temperatures are still as mild as ever. Any travel ideas that you didn't realize during the summer holidays are once again affordable in terms of price

You can enjoy the sun in Marrakech, just as you can escape on a mountain holiday!

In most cases, all the destinations mentioned in August are still possible in September. So many good reasons to leave for your ideal destination!

We recommend the Greek islands or the Cyclades if you want to enjoy the last days of summer. The month of September is the best time of the season to take advantage of the lazy days on the beaches.

In terms of cultural outings, you can visit the ruins of ancient temples all over the Greek archipelago. A closer destination, but one that provides just as much of a change of scenery, Seville is another good place to go before the end of the summer to soak up the sun

You now have ideas for your trip in September, now find out where to go in October.

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