Surrounded by the sea, the department of Côtes-d'Armor is generally well undulating. To the south is the Armorican Massif, which offers beautiful wooded areas. The maritime façade of the department is remarkable thanks to the great variety of its coasts: Emerald Coast and Pink Granite Coast, particularly impressive with its pink rocks, whose highlight is Ploumanac'h with its huge chaotic rocks. The variety of coastal landscapes is truly fascinating, from fine sandy beaches bathed in lagoons to rugged cliffs. Also remarkable is the bay of Saint-Brieuc, kingdom of scallops. Take the time to visit theîle de Bréhat. This destination offers you a religious, architectural, military heritage... a reflection of the history of Brittany. Discover the archaeological sites where myths, beliefs and legends still hover, the Castles of Quintin, from Bienassis to Erquythe ramparts, the maritime and medieval cities. The Art and History museums in Saint-Brieuc,Mathurin Méheut Lamballeor the Resistance in Argot in Saint-Connan

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When to visit the Côtes-d'Armor? The Côtes-d'Armor can be visited all year round! In July and August, the coastline was stormed. You can sail, surf, swim or simply relax. Hikers are also numerous on the GR34 and the Breton islands are filled with summer visitors. April-June and September are often pleasant and less crowded. This is the best time to go there. Of course, those who wish to swim will aim for the beginning of September, when the water is still a little warm. Walkers and sailors will take advantage of these calmer months to enjoy the Breton countryside. From October to March, it is generally quite bad, even if the temperatures remain mild. December and January are often rainy months. But in Brittany, nothing prevents you from going for a walk: a good raincoat, boots, and you are ready!

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When to visit the Côtes-d'Armor? The Côtes-d'Armor can be visited all year round! In July and August, the coastline...
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The dominant climate is the oceanic climate. Summers are rather beautiful and mild and winters are often rainy, windy...
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