Sunday, June 16 will be Father's Day! The perfect opportunity to please your beloved daddy by taking him on a little getaway. But where to go on Father's Day? Here is a selection of perfect destinations for a long weekend in Europe at low prices

Where to go on Father's Day: Dream cars in Germany

Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Porsche... All these big car brands are German. Without a doubt, Germany is really the country of the automobile with cars famous all over the world! Naturally, museums of several of these brands have emerged, such as BMW World in Munich or the Porsche and Mercedes museums in Stuttgart. On the program: a total immersion in the universe of each car brand with a presentation of the brand's main cars from the first models to the latest high-tech trendy models. A stay with our German neighbours is therefore to be preferred if your dad is a fan of beautiful cars!

And don't worry, it won't be ruin, Germany is easily served by road and many low-cost flights. Accommodation and meals are also cheaper than in France

Where to go for Father's Day: The cheapest holiday in the Czech Republic

If there is one country where you can save money, it is the Czech Republic! Accommodation and meals are much cheaper than in France. And as an indication, a beer is barely €1! If you want to have a festive stay in full complicity with your father, but you are a little under budget, the Czech Republic is a real good plan. And by flying to Prague via a low-cost airline the stay will be even cheaper! This is a good opportunity to discover this beautiful city and taste a multitude of Czech beers in the many breweries in the city centre, such as U Kunštátů, a brewery located in a beautifully restored 12th century old palace, where you can taste no less than 90 varieties of beer

We also recommend a trip to the festive district of Zizkov, especially the whole street of Bořivojova, famous for its many bars with very different styles. You can then complete your stay by visiting some of the most famous places in the Czech capital: the sublime Baroque churches, the charming Mala Strana district, Prague Castle, the Jewish quarter..

Where to go for Father's Day: Northern Ireland for a stay between nature and culture

In Northern Ireland, the weather is already starting to get very nice in June, so it's a good time to take your father on a getaway in the heart of the country's green countryside.

The must is really the Chaussée des Géants, a UNESCO World Heritage Site made up of 40,000 hexagonal basalt columns that flow into the ocean but also superb trails that offer sublime views of the coastal region!

And if your father is a Game of Thrones fan, Northern Ireland is THE territory for this cult series! On site you can easily discover the filming locations: Westeros, Winterfell, Robb's camp and the famous Royal Road (Dark Hedges)... All these sites are easily accessible from Belfast served by low-cost flights.

To close this stay, an evening in an Irish bar is a must in order to taste the famous local beers and enjoy the legendary friendliness of the premises. Another possibility is a visit to a whisky distillery (with tasting!) such as the famous Old Distillery Bushmills. Founded 4 centuries ago, it is the oldest official whisky distillery in the world! This visit will therefore be a very nice surprise for your dad if he is a whisky lover

Where to go on Father's Day: Switzerland for a gourmet trip

If your father is a gourmet, a trip to Switzerland should really please him! You can concoct an original little stay to discover Swiss cheeses and chocolates in the Fribourg region, at the foot of the mountain pastures. We recommend that you stay in guest rooms or in an inn in the charming medieval village of Gruyères, where the cheese of the same name has been produced for nearly 1,000 years according to ancestral recipes. At the Gruérien market, you can taste Gruyère PDO and various local cheeses. And if you visit the museum La Maison du Gruyère, this Swiss cheese will no longer have any secrets for you.

To continue this gourmet stay with some sweets, it will then be time to visit Maison Cailler, still in the Fribourg region, to enjoy good chocolate and understand everything about its production thanks to its interactive museum where you can even participate in a chocolate workshop. Yummy Yummy Yummy.

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