"Picasso and the Comic Strip" is the first exhibition devoted to the links between the work of Pablo Picasso and the world of comics. Through a selection of drawings, prints and
of original plates, the journey first returns to Picasso's passion for the genre - as witnessed by Gertrude Stein's weekly readings of Rudolph Dirks' "Pim Pam Poum", published in the supplement of the New York Journal at the beginning of the 20th century. Always curious to experiment with new techniques, Picasso also tried his hand at this art. From the illustrated journals he created as a child to the vignettes of "Franco's Dream and Lie" (1937), not forgetting his always lively taste for caricature and illustration, the Spanish artist's incursions into the world of art, and the work of his friends, Picasso's work is always a source of inspiration.
in the world of the ninth art are common. Finally, "Picasso and the Comic Strip" will show the important place that Picasso occupies in contemporary comics. Reiser, Clément Oubrerie, Milo Manara, Art Spiegelman or Jean Ache: many authors have made him an iconic character and have integrated the artist and his work into their illustrations.
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