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IMMERSION ... L 'odyssée sous-marine inédite du Musée Océanographique de Monaco.

From Saturday 18 July, the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco is hosting one of the most brilliant exhibitions ever invented! The Great Barrier Reef is being honoured as part of the IMMERSION exhibition. Imagine diving into turquoise water and swimming among the emblematic species that populate this coral ecosystem! This is the interactive experience that the museum offers you, thanks to technical prowess, including a monumental real-time ...

In line with the major monographs of 20th century artists presented at the Grimaldi Forum Monaco, the major exhibition in the summer of 2019 will be devoted to "Dalí, a history of painting" curated by Montse Aguer, Director of the Dalí Museums. This retrospective offers the public an exceptional journey through Dalinian artistic production. The selection includes paintings, drawings and photographs dated from 1910 to 1983 and allows to ...