France is an exceptional destination to take out the fishing rod and take pleasure in being at the water's edge. If some are unconditional fans of fishing in the open sea or in the oceans, others prefer to join the edge of a river or a lake, for a good fishing party in fresh water. Fishing is also a great opportunity to discover new regions, their landscapes and their specificities in this field. The strong point of France is to have peaceful fishing spots in each region of France, and here are some of the nicest ones for future escapades.

Freshwater fishing: what are the nicest spots in France?

Freshwater anglers in France are spoilt for choice when it comes to their favourite activity. Fishing is the pleasure of going to a lake or a river near your home at the weekend, but also the opportunity to travel to other territories to discover new landscapes and fish for other species. Before we look at the quality equipment, such as the Fox Rage brand, that you need to take with you, let's take a look at the unmissable spots to enjoy a thrilling moment of fishing.

First of all, let's go to the Hérault department, which is full of splendid rivers with pure and translucent waters. To fish for trout, you can for example go to the Vis. The banks of the river offer pleasant observation points, in the peace. Fishing with a plug, a fly, a spoon or even a toc, the main thing to fish for trout is to remain silent and discreet, because it is much more clever than we think. During this time, you can marvel at the green landscapes that surround you.

If Brittany often evokes the sea, you should know that the region is also a place of choice for lovers of freshwater fishing. First of all, let's mention the Saint-Michel lake, in Finistère. This 450-hectare artificial lake is located in the heart of the Monts d'Arrée national park, and in addition to being able to fish for salmon, you can enjoy the incredible panorama of the peat bogs and moors. In another Breton department, the Morbihan, the Vilaine is favourable to a varied fishing since you can find trout, carnivorous fish, but also chard and roach.

Another scenery, that of the Norman Switzerland and the green landscapes which surround the lake of Rabodanges. Here, you can sit quietly at the edge of the lake, but fishing can also be done from a boat. Pike, perch and pike-perch are abundant in the lake, so the place is a delight for lovers of carnivores.

On a completely different note, there is something special about fishing in mountain lakes. How can you resist the beauty of the superb panoramas while you wait for the bait to be taken? An idea for a getaway for mountain lovers: the Ossau valley and its lakes. At an altitude of between 1,845 m and 2,082 m, you can reach six lakes named Roumassot, Paradis, Castérau, Gentau, Miey and Bersau. The best way to get there is by walking. Then, you can enjoy fishing with the presence of fario trout, minnows, brook salmon and some common char, all in an enchanting setting.

Finally, to experience strong sensations while fishing in fresh water, it is strongly recommended to go and fight the catfish in the Tarn! In the area around Albi, it is easy to find a place along the river to experience sport fishing. Indeed, you should know that the catfish can measure up to 2.80 m and reach the weight of 120 kg! Impressive.

How to equip yourself to go fishing in fresh water?

As for most outdoor activities, it is essential to be well equipped to fish in good conditions. Of course, the equipment will depend on the type of fishing practiced and the fish targeted.

For fishing with the blow, it is necessary to be equipped with a telescopic rod with nylon line, stopper, leader, weights and hook. This fishing rod, of different sizes, but also the most standard, is used with bait. To practice fly fishing, you need a rod called "whip". They have a fixed reel and are known to be very flexible. The fly is the other essential element to have with you. Now it's time for lure fishing, which requires a classic casting rod equipped with a fixed or spinning reel. It is therefore also necessary to provide lures, to be chosen according to the fish caught.

The fishing rod and the baits or lures are not the only materials to have with you to fish. There is no need to wear special clothing if you are staying on the banks of a lake or river, but it is recommended to wear glasses and a hat to protect yourself from the sun. Fishing is always more pleasant on sunny days. When you get into the water to fish, you should wear waterproof overalls and waders. It is also always advisable to have boxes to store your equipment and to have a practical and resistant fishing bag.