At a time when the energy transition is taking place, the Talensac Market traders' association, chaired by Stéphane Garber, in partnership with the company TOWT (TRANS OCEANIC WIND TRANSPORT ) invites all Nantes residents to (re) discover the transport of bicycles or sailing transport!

This relevant operation will take place on Monday 30 June 2014 and Tuesday 01 July quai de la Fosse and the following days at the Talensac Market

The first Dutch sailing ship to sail from the Caribbean to Europe has just completed a 100% freight journey

Then the sublime sailing ship Notre Dame de Rumengol (1945) took over.

It ensures several Breton stopovers: leaving Brest on 19-06 it loads and unloads foodstuffs with several Breton landings until 13 July in Morlaix

The goods transported are mainly foodstuffs from the regions of Brittany and the Vendée, from organic farming and fair trade

You will find salt from the Breton Marsh and other Breton products, but also spices, chocolate, rum from the Caribbean ...

Once transported by bicycle to the quai de la Fosse, the food will be transported to the HALL COUVERTE of the Talensac market by bicycle and carts, in partnership with the transport company "tout en vélo"

The departure of the cyclos and their goods for the destination " NANTES - Marché de Talensac" is scheduled for TUESDAY 01 July

Disembarkation of the yacht will take place early in the morning (about 7.30 am), then the journey from the "quai de la Fosse" to the "Marché de Talensac" is scheduled for 11.00 am for an arrival at about 11.30 am at the Talensac market.

Then the yacht will leave to dock at the Esclain shipyard (Bas Chantenay) (about 30 minutes), where the "Notre Dame de Rumengol" will load nearly 5 tons of the best local organic wines .

The objective of TOWT is to demonstrate that it is possible to use sea freight under sail, an eco-transport that is on the upswing and just needs to be strengthened!

It is also an opportunity for the people of Nantes to recall that it was indeed by sea and river that the historic transport of goods was once carried out in Nantes: so why not revive this green mode of transport today?

and for "everything by bike" to promote "everything by bike" transport!

On the traceability side, labels stamped "transported under sail" will demonstrate perfect transparency to end consumers, the happy customers of the Talensac market! with "no trace carbon"

The people of Nantes are invited to discover the boat at the quayside from June 30th, to welcome the crew on arrival... (foreseen however in the night of the 29th to 30th), to encourage the team of the association of the market of Talensac on July 1st with Mr Garber in head, the whole in bicycle ! from the quay of the pit to the market of TALENSAC ! by the force of the wind, by the force of the wheel and the calves.

Finally, to understand all about this beautiful adventure, we will meet with part of the crew of the TOWT company in TALENSAC in the space reserved for associations (inside the covered market of TALENSAC) on 4/5/6 July 2014 where it will be offered

the sale of goods transported by LA VOILE ...

OF THE CARIBBEAN HAS TALENSAC................................................................................................................................ NO TRACE CARBON!


Alain Grand Guillot [email protected] tel 09 84 33 89 62 ( TOWT)
Diana MESA TOWT - Transport à la voile
38 rue Jim Sévellec | 29200 | Brest T +33 (0)9 84 33 89 62

TO FOLLOW the trip "live" go to

TALENSAC market:
Mr GARBER tel: 06 29 24 82 49
[email protected]

Association Tout en vélo : Valentin 06 48 06 03 31 [email protected]_COPY3