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Top 10 funniest city names in France

It can be exciting to look at a map of the Hexagon to spot the names of towns that stand out. As of January1, 2021, there were some 34,945 municipalities in metropolitan France and the overseas departments. Enough to have fun! Especially since some of them have names that are somewhat... surprising, not to say amusing or even totally ridiculous. You have to wonder how the inhabitants don't giggle every time they have to pronounce the name of the place where they live. Judge for yourself, get out your handkerchiefs, here are 10 of the funniest city names in France.

1- Angoisse, Dordogne

A village name that makes one shudder and arouses the imagination, yet it is a place that could not be more peaceful. Located in the Périgord Vert region at the gateway to the Limousin, Angoisse is a village where life is good. There is a pretty church, beautiful stone houses and a green setting conducive to a multitude of outdoor activities. Obviously, there have been many rumors to explain the origin of the name of the village, such as the one that tells that, in the past, a den of brigands had taken place at the castle Bouchet, hence the anxiety generated to cross the village. In fact, the name Angoisse comes from the word angoissa, which means "gorge" in Occitan

2- Salau, Ariège

On the commune of Couflens in Ariège is the hamlet of Salau. There is certainly a much more welcoming and friendly name, but it should be noted that the place, which is the last village at the bottom of the valley of Haut-Salat, is full of charm. There are typical mountain houses and the beautiful Romanesque church Notre-Dame de Salau. The surrounding nature is superb, between the peaceful river and the green mountains in summer and covered with snow in winter. Also nearby is the port of Salau, which is actually a pass, a crossing point to reach neighboring Spain on foot

3- Mouais, Loire-Atlantique

Mouais is not only a word we use when we are not convinced by something. It is also the name of a commune of Loire-Atlantique which has a beautiful parish church, a chapel and an old mill on the Chère river. You will find everything you need to have a pleasant stay. A baker, a bistro and even a bed and breakfast are present to enjoy the peaceful life in the area. So there is no"Mouais" which holds at the time to cross the village, one stops there and one poses the bags!

4- Poil, Nièvre

Poil is a small hamlet of 155 inhabitants located in the Morvan. It is part of the Association of French towns with burlesque and singing names. Its name is a godsend for attracting visitors, as many of them come every year to stand near the sign at the entrance of the village to take some pictures. The village has an inn and for those who would like to stop there to make friends with the inhabitants called the Pictians, there are many gites in the surroundings. The Morvan is also a superb territory for nature lovers. On the other hand, the followers of naturism are likely to be disappointed, one remains dressed in Hair!

5- Monteton, Lot-et-Garonne

The village of Monteton is located in the heart of the beautiful, gently rolling countryside of Lot-et-Garonne. It is located at the top of a hill overlooking the Dropt valley. During a stroll through the village, one can take the time to look at the facades of its stone houses and to see the jewels of its heritage, notably the 12th century church of Notre-Dame de Monteton, which impresses by its size. Another must-see is the market hall located on the village square, from which you can see the 13 bell towers of the communes bordering the Dropt valley. Several hikes are possible in the surroundings of Monteton, like the one that leads to the woods of Chavaneau

6- Corps-Nuds, Ile-et-Vilaine

We now go to Brittany to stop in the village of Corps-Nuds. Located not far from Rennes, its name comes from the Gallic people of the Carnutes. We inevitably feel like laughing when we arrive in Corps-Nuds, but we should not forget that it is above all a charming village with a remarkable church of Romanesque-Byzantine architecture: the church of Saint-Maximilien-Kolbe, classified as a historical monument. Corps-Nuds also has beautiful houses and a green surrounding countryside. A multitude of hikes are to be practiced in the surroundings.

7- Montcuq, Lot

Montcuq is one of those strange names of villages in France that everyone has heard of at least once in his life! Located at 25 km from Cahors, in the Quercy Blanc, you have to take the time to stroll in its pretty medieval streets to realize that beyond the name that has been making holidaymakers laugh for decades, the place is above all great for a relaxing vacation, in an exceptional natural environment. We take advantage of being in the area to stroll around the artisanal market, to see the tower-donjon and, in good weather, to go swimming in the artificial lake. The melon, the wine of the hillsides and the grape are among the main products of Montcuq.

8- Bourré, Loir-et-Cher

The small town of Bourré is located on the banks of the Cher river. Don't expect to see people staggering around the streets of the village, it is rather a peaceful place that has a lot to offer. It is indeed here that you can explore the underground city of Bourré, an incredible site that has been carved out of the tufa stone. The opportunity to dive into the past of troglodytic villages. There is also a mushroom farm not far away, which invites visitors to discover the cultivation of mushrooms underground. On the surface, Bourré unveils kilometers of paths to enjoy the charms of the Loire Valley.

9- Bèze, Côte-d'Or

Here is a village name that should give ideas to more than one traveler! Beyond this name that can only make you smile, Bèze is a pretty village in Burgundy that reveals a good number of medieval houses, wash houses, a monastic school founded in the 13th century and the remains of an old Benedictine abbey with fortifications. One of the main activities in Bèze is the discovery of majestic caves by boat. Shops, restaurants, accommodation, walking tours, there is everything you need in Bèze to enjoy a charming stay in the open air.

10- Arnac-la-Poste, Haute-Vienne

Don't worry, the workers of theArnac-la-Poste post office are doing well! Besides, the inhabitants of the town are not called the Arnacois but the Arnacois. Of course, the visitors who pass by take pleasure in taking pictures in front of the sign and in front of the post office, but you should also take the time to go and see the church of Saint-Martial and the 15th century tower of Lubignac. Arnac-la-Poste also offers several hiking trails, including the Las Pentas trail, which takes walkers through the Limousin bocage.

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