This Saturday April 12, the Zoological Park of Paris, more known as the zoo of Vincennes reopened after several years of closure for work and complete re-creation.

No more to see today with the aging zoo, which the poor tenants sometimes used to pity.

The park still lacks space, it has not been able to expand, which explains the absence of many species as emblematic as bears or elephants.

But this choice is intelligent because it has allowed the animals presented with very large and carefully arranged living spaces to be given to animals.

Natural geographical areas have thus been created: Conifer forest for Europe with wolves, vultures. , the equatorial forest for Madagascar with the lemurers, the turtles, the pampa for Patagonia with the penguins and lions, pumas, the equatorial forest for Guiana with Caymans, the lamantines… the savanna for the Sahel Sudan with lions, rhinoceros, oryx. and of course giraffes that coexist peacefully with ostriches and koudous.


In the end, an intelligent design for this park, which will undoubtedly be a great success.


I had the opportunity to visit it on Thursday first, I wanted to share with you this beautiful getaway among the most beautiful species of wildlife on our planet.