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Italy's 10 Most Beautiful Villages

When we think of Italy, hundreds of images come to mind: Rome, Milan, Florence... Yet, the peninsula is home to many other wonders, far from these great cities known to all. If you want to focus on authenticity and avoid hordes of tourists, leave the gondolas in Venice and discover these 10 charming villages: you won't regret it! These are, in our opinion, the most beautiful villages in Italy

N°10 - Bevagna, pearl of Umbria

Umbria, a land of hills and valleys, is Italy's green lung. In the centre of the country, this region is home to renowned cities such as Perugia and Assisi. A few kilometres away from the latter is a little-known jewel: Bevagna. Behind its walls, there is an incomparable atmosphere where every year, at the end of June, the Mercato delle Gaite takes place. This is one of the most picturesque events in the country! Bevagna is once again becoming a true medieval village where everyone walks around in period costumes. You can also taste local specialities such as gnocchi al Sagrantino, a delight!

N°9 - Pietrapertosa, the charm of Lucania

If we know Basilicata for Matera and its sassi, Pietrapertosa and its remarkable landscape is not to be outdone. At more than 1,000 m above sea level, it is the highest village in the region. At its top is the Arabata district, which, with its rocky houses and winding alleys, is the most enchanting part of the village. Nestled in the heart of the Dolomites, Pietrapertosa faces the village of Castelmezzano, which can be accessed via il volo dell'angelo, a kind of zip line over the mountains. Notice to thrill seekers!

N ° 8 - Offagna, medieval beauty of Marche

Offagna is located in the Green region of central Italy. This small village is dominated by its imposing castle, the rocca medievale. Built in 1456 to defend the village of attacks, it remains one of the finest examples of military architecture in the country. Every year, in July, Offagna finds its way back to medieval festivals. The magic shows, juggling and other performances at the rhythm of the drum lie in the streets illuminated by the torch. Gripping! 

N ° 7 - Pietramontecorvino, the unknown Apulienne

The province of Foggia is often forgotten during a getaway in Pudlia, the heel of the Italian boot. And yet this is where Pietramontecorvino and his center rich in history are hiding: " Terra Vecchia ". The time seems to have stopped in this bourgade which retains admirably the traces of its past, particularly in the imposing Norman tower or the Ducal Palace of the thirteenth century. A beautiful step before joining the charming Salento, south of the region.  

N°6 - Subiaco, on the borders of the Eternal City

Subiaco is a stopover not to be neglected during a trip to Rome. Located a few kilometers from the capital, this village is known for its two monasteries: Santa Scolastica and especially San Benedetto, defined by Petrarch as the limen paradisi - the border of paradise - so intense is its beauty. It is here that Saint Benedict set up the rules of monastic life. The panoramas around Subiaco, on the Simbruins Mountains chain, are also splendid

N°5 - Piantravigne, land of the Mona Lisa

If the tiny village of Piantravigne, in Tuscany, is one of our favourites in this ranking of the most beautiful villages in Italy, it is not for its historical interest but rather for the incredible views it offers. Nicknamed perla delle balze, it is here that you can best admire the Balze del Valdarno, rock formations that would have inspired Leonardo da Vinci for the background of his famous Mona Lisa... Just that! An exceptional panorama and still too little known

N°4 - Sabbioneta, the ideal city

In 1544, Vespasien Gonzague decided to transform this small village on the Po plain into an ideal city, according to the mathematical criteria of Renaissance architecture. Indeed, everything here is perfectly regular, uniform and orthogonal, which is quite rare in urban planning. Sabbioneta, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the strongest testimonies to the taste and refinement of an artistically flamboyant era. A sublime stopover before reaching the charming Mantua

N°3 - Sperlinga, Sicily in the heart of the city

In the centre of the island of Sicily, in the province of Enna, Sperlinga owes its name to the Greek spelonca, which means cave. Indeed, the small town is entirely built against a rock, some houses even nibble on land and take over the cliffs. Its Norman fortress, which dates back to the 15th century, watches over the entire village, its caves were even inhabited until the 1960s! Among the local specialities, "tortone", a cinnamon sweetness, is celebrated every year on August 16. Unmistakable!

N°2 - Scilla, the breathtaking Calabrian

In southern Italy, Calabria is often forgotten in favour of its neighbour Sicily. However, this region with its Greek origins is home to many wonders: Scilla is one of them. Highlighted by Homer and his famous "falling from Charybdis to Scylla", or from one danger to another, it is the village of this feared monster from the Strait of Messina. Today, Scilla is one of the most beautiful shows on the Tyrrhenian coast. The Chianalea district, where fishermen's houses line up in the winding alleys, is undoubtedly the most suggestive

N°1 - Manarola, a small paradise in Liguria

The Cinque Terre, these small multicoloured villages overlooking the sea, are among the most beautiful landscapes in Italy. Manarola is a tiny village attached to a cliff and accessible by a path called via dell'amore. If its beauty does not wrinkle during the day, it is even more lively at night. To admire a splendid sunset, follow the direction of Corniglia, by a path on the cliff side. At the end of the day, the lights of the village are reflected in the sea and a soft atmosphere invites you to the dolce vita... Unforgettable. For all these reasons, Manarola is in first place in our ranking of the most beautiful villages in Italy

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