The Loire Valley is famous throughout the world for its splendid Renaissance and medieval castles. Every year, they attract visitors in large numbers, who come to admire their architecture and learn about a part of French history, before strolling through the towns, villages and green landscapes around them. In addition to being flamboyant buildings, they are often located in towns with a long history, in the middle of large forest estates or along the main waterways: the Loire, the royal river, or the Cher. Another great way to see the splendour of the Loire castles, but also of the manors and other abbeys, is to take a flight in a hot air balloon. This unmissable and romantic experience offers breathtaking panoramas, combining the beauty of the stones with that of a bucolic nature.

Take a flight to contemplate the jewels of the Loire Valley

There are a thousand and one reasons to visit the Loire Valley. At the top of the list is, of course, the visit of its unmissable châteaux, true architectural feats in which the greatest names in French history, such as Charles VII and François I, have stayed. It is also a region in which one likes to stop to taste great wines, a generous gastronomy and to stroll in historical cities. The natural landscapes oscillate between vineyards, forests and cultivated fields. And then there are the rivers to follow on foot or by bike to go from one site of interest to another, the most famous being the Loire, the largest river in France, but also the wildest.

To enjoy an extraordinary panorama of all these wonders, a hot air balloon flight from the Loire castle is an activity not to be missed in the region! Once in altitude, you can see the splendor of buildings such as the castle of Chenonceau, whose location immediately catches the eye, since it spans the Cher. At Amboise, a hot air balloon flight reveals a marvellous monument proudly dominating the Loire River, and which takes place in a city where one can have fun to distinguish the other historical monuments such as the Clos Lucé, last residence of Leonardo da Vinci. During a flight where you can observe the waterways flowing through green landscapes made up of forests, vineyards and fields of wheat on sunny days, you can also see some unsuspected treasures, such as Montrichard, its keep and the ruins of the castle. Further on, the Chaumont-sur-Loire estate appears with its castle, its historic park, its stables and always the Loire River as a common thread. From the heights, it is easy to understand that the Loire Valley never ceases to reveal its treasures.

A safe activity with many surprises in store

There is no reason to hesitate to offer yourself a romantic escapade such as a flight over the castles of the Loire Valley. The activity is of course supervised by professionals and the participants take part in the preparation of the flight while receiving safety instructions. The take-off takes place smoothly and during the flight, which lasts from 1 hour to 1h30, you can let yourself be carried away by the delicate rhythm of the machine, which is conducive to the contemplation of every detail: majestic buildings, villages, vineyards, waterways and other natural landscapes. During some flights, the balloonist can even invite those who wish to lead the balloon for a moment!

The activity is possible in groups of up to 16 people, and children over 12 years old can be part of the trip. The balloon flight can take place in the morning, during the day or in the evening, just before sunset. A breakfast with a taste of regional flavours can be offered before the morning flight and in the evening, what better way to end a flight over the Loire castles than with a glass of wine accompanied by local products? This flight is definitely a combination of all pleasures.