In spite of the health crisis, and perhaps more than ever, we need to escape from everyday life by taking a few days off here and there. To do this, Brittany is a French region that is the delight of many tourists. Famous for its medieval towns and villages of character, its archaeological sites and its unmissable coastline of a thousand faces, Brittany has many treasures and a strong identity. It is the ideal place to take to the sea, admire the architecture and enjoy a sweet speciality and a glass of cider.

Several campsites are open all year round in the area, and for lovers of this type of accommodation, this is the perfect opportunity to break away from everyday life while discovering a region of inexhaustible riches. With respect for the gestures of barriers and social distancing, the campsites are currently open to the public, and this is excellent information to set off towards the north-west of France.

A multitude of unmissable sites

If Brittany is the delight of holidaymakers who come to seek its coolness in summer, winter in the region is not lacking in charm either. Waxed with sailor's oil and boots on your feet, a multitude of sites await those who wish to stroll in cities with crazy charm, stop at the foot of a lighthouse, stroll in the forest or follow the movements of the sea perched on top of a cliff or feet directly in the sand at the water's edge.

Wherever you set up a campsite in Brittany, from north to south and east to west, there are always wonders to be discovered. Among the towns and villages to discover, let's start by mentioning Saint-Malo, a city that sits on a rocky islet that today forms a peninsula. Its port, its rampart walk and its monuments make it an essential stopover to combine the pleasures of architecture with the joy of being by the sea. To marvel at the typical Breton architecture, you must also take advantage of the opportunity to reach historic villages such as Rochefort-en-Terre, Dinan or Locronan, in the bay of Douarnenez. Wandering through the cobbled streets and looking up to admire the stones and half-timbering on the facades is enough to give any walker a change of scenery. Flowers are often present in large numbers and the historical monuments are priceless.

To plunge into the heart of Breton legends and live in total harmony with a striking nature, why not choose a campsite located near the Monts d'Arrée, an ancient mountain range in Brittany? Here you can follow the paths from enigmatic moorlands to wild peat bogs without forgetting the rocky crests. On sunny days in winter, the landscapes offered seem almost unreal.

To vary the pleasures, it is impossible to miss the most beautiful archaeological sites. From the cairn of Barnenez and its 3,000m2 of stone to the unmistakable menhirs of Carnac, walkers are invited to take silent and contemplative strolls to see that man has been shaping the landscapes in Brittany for a very long time. And then how can you not want to join the campsites open all year round on the Brittany coast? In the heart of winter, the rocks of another world on the Pink Granite coast, the steep cliffs and raging sea of the Pointe du Raz or the peaceful islands of the Gulf of Morbihan are all places to come and purify your lungs and take a good dose of resourcing iodine.

The campsite in winter : a quiet and unusual accommodation

Although campsites tend to fill up quickly during the summer season, and most of them close in the winter, it is quite possible to find campsites open all year round on French territory, and therefore in Brittany. Although the drop in temperature is not necessarily ideal for pitching a tent, there are plenty of other alternatives for staying at a campsite nowadays.

Some of them leave mobile homes, caravans, chalets and motorhome pitches open in winter, so that you can enjoy the joys of this type of accommodation season after season. All you have to do is settle in and take advantage of all the facilities (heating, kitchen, bed, bathroom, etc.) that allow you to have a comfortable stay, but which breaks with the daily routine. For the campsite has that little extra bit of soul that gives you the feeling of living in a bubble apart, disconnecting and going home invigorated!

Moreover, in winter, campsites are known to be much quieter than during the summer season, when they are taken by storm. You can therefore enjoy a serene environment that is conducive to rest and live to the rhythm of beautiful and unmissable Brittany.