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The inescapable of Costa Rica

Terre de la pura vida, Costa Rica, bordered by the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, connects North America to South America. Visiting this territory is discovering a lush land, a true gift of nature where life is being softer. Paradise of visitors in search of a Mother Nature preserved, Costa Rica also fills sportsmen with its many famous spots for rafting, hiking or nautical activities. Welcome to the happiest country in the world according to Happy Index Planet! Petit Futé offers its ten essentials for a successful stay!

The Arenal volcano, majestic and threatening

In 1968 the Arenal woke up and his eruption took over a charming village located on the west slope. Fortunately, since 2010, this volcano has absolutely assaulted… Although it is always forbidden to walk through its trails, there are still magnificent sites in the surrounding area, such as the Cerro Chato, considered the little brother of the Arenal. The Fortuna, the closest city to the Arenal, offers a splendid view of the volcano. 

Manuel Antonio National Park, an example of biodiversity

If Manuel Antonio National Park is one of the most famous of the country, it is also one of the smallest with «only» 1,625 ha. Elected one of the most beautiful parks in the world by Forbes magazine, it owes its popularity to its impressive fauna and flora. Whether on land or in the sea, many animals live in this natural jewel: screaming monkeys, big nose dolphins and even hump whales! Take a break on one of the park's beaches. 

Montezuma and its bohemian atmosphere

Backpackers and baba cool are all in Montezuma! Here, yoga is legion and ubiquitous fire juggers. Cliché, will you think? Well no, Montezuma is certainly one of the most beautiful sites in Costa Rica! We have to go to believe it… Its almost intimate beach, despite the many travelers, its waterfalls and its shredded coastline will make you feel like enjoying it longer than expected… 

Kayaking in the Golfo Dulce

Located in southern Costa Rica, Golfo Dulce - golf sweet - extends over 75 km long for 20 to 30 km wide. The arpenter in kayak, for the most insiders, allows to get away from the wide and discover the labyrinth of the mangrove where a beautiful fauna lives: herons, lazy, dolphins and whales. Take the time to discover this landscape before giving you a break on one of the splendid beaches you will cross. 

Poás Volcano National Park, journey to the heart of crater

In the northwest of the capital, San José, the Poás volcano is one of the most active in Costa Rica. Since 1828, he has known 39 eruptions… of what frightens more than one! In the heart of a beautiful national park, you will be surrounded by coffee farms to reach the peak of Poás, at 2,708 m altitude. Of course it is forbidden to approach active craters, but you can enjoy a superb panorama on the Emerald Lake of volcano! 

Santa Teresa Beach, Paradise of Surfers

South of the Nicoya Peninsula is the playa Santa Teresa, a privileged spot to tamper with the wave! Surfing is practiced all year round, but the ideal period certainly extends from December to the end of April. Its wild shores will also appeal to visitors seeking to move away from crowded beaches. Its kilometers of white sand along the tropical tropical forest form an idyllic setting… 

Visit the Central Valley coffee plantations

The Central Valley is certainly the soul of Costa Rica, which the country is more authentic. This is where the coffee plantations that made the earth prosper are found. Feel free to take part in the tours organized to discover the culture of this world-famous drink. You will learn a lot about all the work needed to get your morning espresso! 

Making tyrolienne in the forest of Monteverde

Monteverde is the green lung of Costa Rica. This rainforest of altitude, or cloud forest, extends over 105 km 2. If it is one of the country's main tourist attractions, the site remains beautifully protected and its vegetation is fascinating. For a perfect immersion, offer a tyrolean circuit. Slipping in the middle of the trees of Monteverde will make you feel the sweet thrill of nature! 

Corcovado National Park, welcome to the jungle

Visiting Corcovado National Park is diving directly into a zoo without barriers, a wild and preserved nature covering much of the Osa Peninsula. The more we get into the jungle, the richer the wealth of this territory will be: 140 species of mammals, 360 animals, plants and trees from all parts… This thick and sometimes threatening vegetation is a real spectacle! 

Observing sea turtles in Tortuguero National Park

We visit Tortuguero for its charming Afro-Caribbean village, but especially for its splendid national park. This vast lake area houses a typical flora and fauna of the country: Caymans, lazy and herons let themselves be discovered over the water. But Tortuguero is especially famous for being the place of excellence of turtles, as its name indicates. At night, they dig their nest on the beach to lay their eggs… A wonderful show. 

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