The beautiful days are finally coming and it is therefore the opportunity to enjoy yourself by taking advantage of the nice weather! For the moment, you have to stay in France and you can only dream of faraway destinations where you will go later... But where to go in May? Here are a few ideas for getaways in the heart of France, which should help you take a real break!

Where to go in May to enjoy the sun?

Spring is undoubtedly the best time to visit the Calanques de Cassis, as there are far fewer people there than in summer! The calanques massif is famous all over the world. Classified, this site is protected. The easiest way to visit the main ones - the most beautiful is the one in En-Vau - is to get on board one of the boats for a guided tour. But you can also take many walks in the massif..

And why not opt for the north of France? In May, temperatures are generally mild and the sun is shining. Le Touquet is a pleasant seaside resort with a protected natural site, the Pointe du Touquet, and several beaches. The possibilities of beautiful walks are many and varied, whether in the forest in the vicinity or on the dunes of its sandy beaches

Where to go in May to recharge your batteries?

To get a new lease of life in spring, a total immersion in nature is always welcome

And why not the Lozère? This sparsely populated department offers preserved landscapes, including Mount Lozere and especially the Causse Méjean, an arid limestone plateau with vegetation that resembles that of the steppes in Mongolia. The walk is a real change of scenery! Don't miss to admire on the spot Przewalski's horses, small horses in the wild which were on the verge of extinction, but have been reintroduced on this plateau. There are less than 30 of them in a 400-hectare paddock. It is the only site in France where they can be observed

But, in France, a hike in the Pyrenees, between land and sea, between Collioure and Cadaqués will also make you happy. This itinerary between France and Spain runs along the Mediterranean on mountain paths accessible to all and offers breathtaking landscapes. In Cadaqués, don't forget to make a stop at the Salvador Dalí House-Museum

Where to go in May for an original city break?

How about discovering Montpellier? With 300 days of sunshine a year, the Languedoc capital is a city with a rich culture: Fabre Museum, art galleries, concert halls and festivals... It also offers a beautiful mix of old (private mansions dating from the Middle Ages, cobbled streets) and contemporary (Port Marianne, Antigone, Pierre Vives). Finally, it has the advantage of being close to the beaches of Carnon and Palavas and to nature and its scrubland

You could also discover the charm of the town of Tours during one of your extended weekends. Only 1 hour from Paris, it's a great value destination with nightlife, lively guinguettes and the Loire Valley castles to visit nearby.

Finally, why not let yourself be tempted by Lille? Renovated and rehabilitated over the years, the Lille agglomeration concentrates in its districts a ribbon of architectural curiosities. From the pedestrian-only Grand-place to the Palais des Beaux-Arts, which houses the second largest collection of works of art in France after the Louvre, from the belfry of the City Hall, a UNESCO World Heritage site, to the cobblestones steeped in history of Old Lille, from the Vauban citadel, the green lung of the city, to the popular district of Wazemmes and its colourful market, the Lille metropolis has plenty to keep you busy!

Where to go in May for a sports holiday?

Going on a trip in May can allow you to reconnect with your favourite water activities, such as surfing for example. In the Basque Country, you can go to Biarritz where many surfers, both beginners and experienced, defy the waves. And nothing prevents you from making the most of the opportunity to take a break in the surrounding area and discover charming villages, why not Saint-Jean-de-Luz!

Where to go in May for a family holiday?

The month of May is one of the most eagerly awaited months. Although it varies from one year to the next, May bridges are numerous and are always an opportunity to take a holiday in France. With your days off combined with public holidays, please the whole family by booking a short stay in one of the holiday villages on the French Riviera for example.

The region abounds in seaside resorts. For an immersion in nature, take advantage of canoe trips in the Verdon gorges. In addition to our advice on where to go in May, Petit Futé has listed for you the 10 destinations for an extended weekend.

Travelling in the sun during the spring holidays is a great way to recharge your batteries. We are starting to enter the high season, but the prices offered by tourism professionals are not expensive. The sunny, white sandy beaches of the Mediterranean give you a taste of summer holidays

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