10 unforgettable hikes around the world

Tired of these repetitive days, you dream of wide open spaces and fresh air? Walking is, without a doubt, one of the best ways out of everyday life. Hiking allows you to immerse yourself in the heart of nature and discover, at your own pace, breathtaking landscapes. Experienced walkers or beginners, Petit Futé takes you on the most beautiful hiking trails in the world, from Argentina to New Zealand and Ethiopia

N°10 - The picturesque Via Algarviana, Portugal

On the borders of Europe and close to Africa, the Algarve is a splendid region in southern Portugal. Far from the growing tourism on its coastline, the Via Algarviana trail allows you to discover the interior of this land, from east to west. In total, 300 km are to be covered. We cross traditional villages in a calm and green nature. Accommodation and catering are available at the beginning and end of each stage

N°9 - The indomitable GR20 corsican, France

Mythical and demanding, the GR20 is known to all walkers. From Conca to Calenzana, this long-distance hiking trail takes us to discover the Corsican mountains. These 16 rather technical steps require prior preparation. But what a joy to discover the treasures of the Isle of Beauty! If you want to enjoy open shelters and snow-cleared trails, the summer period is recommended. Be careful, however, with the heat!

No. 8 - Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

A natural wonder, Torres del Paine National Park is one of the most beautiful in Chile. Located in the Ultima Esperanza region, between the southern Patagonian ice field and the steppe, it has been declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. Many hiking trails, adapted to all levels, allow you to discover its impressive glaciers. The best time for a trek is between December and March, as the temperatures are more pleasant

N°7 - The Milford Track, discovering New Zealand

This is the most popular hike in New Zealand. Over 53 km, the Milford Track takes an average of 4 days to complete. We are quickly rewarded for our efforts with a sumptuous landscape: between tropical forest and magical mountains. The trail begins in the north, at the end of Lake Te Anau, and ends in Milford Sound, a fjord seen in The Lord of the Rings. This hike is regulated, so it is important to book in advance!

No. 6 - Simien National Park, Ethiopia

Covering an area of 179 km2, Simien National Park has been welcoming hiking and trekking enthusiasts since 1969. Its extraordinary landscape, formed by massive erosion, includes valleys and precipices 1,500 m deep. It is also home to rare fauna and threatened endemic species such as the walya ibex or the Ethiopian wolf. It is therefore of prime importance for biodiversity conservation

N°5 - The "azzurro path" of the Cinque Terre, Italy

The Cinque Terre are among the most beautiful landscapes in Italy. These hills, which plunge into a blue azure sea, are a real spectacle. To connect these five Ligurian lands ñ Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso ñ there is the "azzurro trail". This path, which runs through the scrubland, presents no major difficulties and offers splendid views of the surrounding villages

N°4 - Laugavegurinn, Icelandic treasure

Laugavegurinn means "hot spring route". During this 54 km trek, you will cross active volcanoes, glaciers typical of Icelandic landscapes and bubbling natural baths. This is one of the most famous hikes in Iceland. Its starting point is Laudmannalaugar, at an altitude of 600 m. The journey lasts on average four days until Þórsmörk and its difficulty varies according to the weather

N°3 - The mythical Inca Trail, Peru

This is the most famous hike in Latin America. The Inca Trail, near Cusco, Peru, crosses the Sacred Valley to lead to the Gates of the Sun and finally to one of the most admired remains in the world: Machu Picchu. In total, it is 43 km of breathtaking scenery: from subtropical jungle to untamable mountains. Remember to book in advance, it is impossible to do this trek independently.

N°2 - The Fitz Roy massif, Argentina

In Argentine Patagonia, the village of El Chaltén is the starting point for many hikes that join the Fitz Roy, an imposing mountain on the Chilean border. First climbed by two French mountaineers in 1952, the Fitz Roy impresses with the unexpected pyramidal shape of its granite. Located in the Los Glaciares National Park, it can be admired from the Los Tres lagoon after a few hours of trekking

No. 1 - The must-see Pacific Crest Trail, United States

It is one of the most mythical hiking trails. The Pacific Crest Trail crosses the American West from the Canadian border to the Mexican border. The complete shipment lasts between 4 and 6 months. Good equipment and a lot of endurance are therefore essential to cover these 4,240 km! The trail crosses 3 American states - California, Oregon and Washington - but also 7 national parks and 25 forests!

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