Between ecotourism and ocean

Even more famous for its weather at weather time than for its natural and cultural riches, the Azores has many assets to seduce the visitor. Within five hours of Paris, the visitor is immersed in a universe anchored in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean. The colorful landscapes and underwater riches make it a unique land, whose secret remains jealously guarded by some privileged people.


A volcanic journey

The Azorian flora is the nail of the show. Almost all year round, the Azores form nine symphonies of the most intoxicating colors and aromas. Extinct volcanoes form a humbled relief that offers a wide variety of landscapes. The intertwining of the sea and the land, the shredded basalt coast, the black sand and the natural pools, volcanoes lakes, the strange volcanic fumerolles coming out of the earth: The Azores are a natural spectacle that is pleasing and easy to penetrate. Fertile plains and distant mountains, hazelnuts and clear cities: At every moment, our senses are awakening. Tectonic activity is felt everywhere in the Azores! Volcanism has left fascinating traces here: the Ponta do Pico, represents a beautiful climb with the summit, in good weather, a breathtaking panorama; on the island of São Miguel, the fumerolles of the Furnas Lake or the Fogo crater lakes or Sete Cidades are wonders. On Faial, we can see the volcano of Capelinhos which was born… in 1958! In Flores and Corvo, the crater lakes give an auvergne or Scottish landscape, the hortensias and the sea below! Marked trails, geographical proximity of towns and villages: These volcanoes and their lakes are ideal for hiking and walking.


Walkers' Paradise

The wonders of the Azores are therefore discovered on foot. On the menu, invigorating walks in the midst of constantly changing landscapes, along streams, including the wild course between ravines to the flowering vegetation, lakes with translucent waters and verdant shores, spectacular cliffs, asleep craters, iridescent caves.

Thanks to its size, São Miguel offers many possibilities of course, once the architectural charm of the capital has been discovered. It is the most visited island in the archipelago and most suitable for tourists. Furnas, Sete Cidades and the Pico da Vara reserve are the most popular places on the island. In Terceira, direction the Serra de Santa Barbara or Monte Brasil for breathtaking walks with beautiful views thanks to the many lookouts planted here and there. In Faial, after strolling on this mythical harbor for sailors around the world, we will observe the endemic plants of the archipelago on Monte da Guia, this promontory dominating Horta and Porto Pim. The Cabeço do Pico Verde will let him discover in two short hours. From there you can go around the crater and enjoy a magnificent view of the volcano of Capelinhos.

But the star, the real, is Mount Pico on the island. You must know that the highest peak in Portugal (2,351 m) was the scene of the first accident of Air France, which lives to die the boxer Marcel Cerdan the disastrous 27 th October of October 1949, as he went to New York to take revenge on Jake lamotta and join Edith Pith Pith Pith. Af. After five hours of ascension, the show is extraordinary: we overlook the archipelago, particularly the central islands, with this confused and fascinating impression of dominating the Atlantic Ocean, from the Americas to Europe!


To discovering the ocean

Green paradise, of course, the Azores are of course an extraordinary place to enjoy the Atlantic Ocean. Moreover, if you have to take a plane to join the central islands from the capital Ponta Delgada, you will be traveling between them. Going to sea to discover dolphins and especially whales is a more playful way of understanding the history of these Portuguese islands. A mythical animal of the Azores, the whale was still hunted in 1987. The harpoons left room for binoculars and a camera for an unforgettable excursion. Vila Franca do Campo, in São Miguel, and Lajes do Pico, Pico, will be privileged starting points for discovering the sea fauna and its sea giants. Besides this typical exit, there will be plenty of opportunities to confront the ocean. Surfers and body-boarders will find fabulous spots such as Fajã do Santo Cristo in São Jorge, a small village lost near its lagoon, accessible only on foot or by boat, or Santa Barbara Beach in the municipality of Ribeira Grande on the island of São Miguel.

Meanwhile, sailors will be able, everywhere, to leave for a regatta or organize memorable fishing parts. Diving enthusiasts will also find their happiness. Since the coasts are of volcanic origin, it is a marvelous wonder to stroll between arches, debris from some cliff collapse, tunnels, caves, etc.


High Quality Rural Tourism

Fishing, diving or hiking, the days promise to be sporty and if there are some large hotels that are often impersonal (in São Miguel and Terceira in particular), we will prefer the warmth of small pensions and guest rooms to share with the premises his emotions of the day. On islands still unpopular with tourists, the hospitality of the Azorians is uncommon. Proud of their islands, they will share with you advice and anecdotes. What better to understand the destination?



When is it? In the spring for the arrival of beautiful days and summer to enjoy fully the exceptional opening on the Atlantic. 


Go on. Since 2013, a direct Sata flight has existed from April to October. Otherwise, you must stop in Portugal.

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Useful. Contact the Azores Tourist Association.


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