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Top 10 most dangerous hikes, number 2 will make you lose your footing...

Life sometimes hangs by a thread, the one at the end of which the most beautiful mountainous landscapes are hidden, made inaccessible. Le Petit Futé has selected for you 10 of the most dangerous steep paths where the most daredevil among you will come to take a breath of adrenaline during memorable hikes. Because yes, hiking is not always done on peaceful country paths or in gentle hilly areas, it can also be an opportunity to surpass yourself and shiver. So let's hear it for thrill-seekers and especially for those who are not afraid of heights. Thrilling!

Mount Huashan (China)

2,200 m above sea level, one or two wooden planks nailed to the side of the mountain and no wider than a shoe Climbing Mount Huashan is the experience of a lifetime! It is important to know that this unique hike in the world is sacred in China. For those who try to reach the temple at the summit hope to find immortality. And before going there without thinking too much, one must bear in mind that the Chinese authorities have reduced access to this site to the least... dangerous. Because, yes, there have been times when people have fallen to their deaths. Something to think twice about before you go in there

Caminito del Rey (Spain)

Not far from Málaga in the Los Ardales Natural Park, this trail of 3 was built at the beginning of the 20th century to connect two villages. Today it is a playground for lovers of the void. On the whole of today's route, one alternates between footbridges and paths. In the past, it was considered one of the most dangerous routes in the world, but it has been redesigned to make it safer. One thing is certain, the feeling of emptiness is still there, with a route that takes place 100 m above the ground and offers sublime panoramas of the surrounding rocks and landscapes

Mount Snowdon (Wales)

The Crib Goch or "red comb" in Welsh is one of the peaks of Snowdonia National Park, rising to 923 metres. It is one of the most beautiful walks in the UK, straddling the endless sharp ridges. Different hiking trails are offered, with different levels of difficulty. They are called Miners Track, Pyg Track, Llanberis path, Watkin path, Rhyd Ddu path and Snowden Ranger. The advantage is that, depending on your apprehensions, you can take a route that will make your legs tremble less. And for the less adventurous, a small train also reaches the summit!

Half Dome (California, USA)

This is the must-see mountain for anyone visiting the wonderful Yosemite National Park. Requiring no special equipment, this 1,440 m high granite cliff is a must see! There are waterfalls, tall conifers, sometimes a few animals living their lives and once you reach the top of the Half Dome, the panorama offered on the slopes of the national park is worth the detour. For all those who would like to try the experience, the last 150 meters are the most vertiginous and require to be quite comfortable facing the void

Tianmen Mountain Walkway (China)

It's not the riskiest hike, but it can be the most confusing. "Dragon wrapped around the cliff" is the nickname given to this vertiginous 100 m long glass footbridge that suspends you at a height of 300 m. A walk overlooking the beautiful Mount Tianmen National Park with its cliffs and dense flora. The park also has other attractions, including one of the steepest staircases in the world and one of the longest cable cars in the world. As far as the footbridge is concerned, the important thing when walking in a void is not to look down

Liathach (Scotland)

Scotland, too, is a land of breathtaking beauty. Considered to be the most beautiful massif in Scotland, the Liathac in the Torridon Hills peaks at 1,055 m and its ascent is so steep that it is remembered for a long time. The terrain is steep with many stones, so it is recommended to take your time and take a good look at where you are walking. In any case, the walk is definitely worth the detour for the view of the cliffs and the greenery. Some mountaineers and hikers do not hesitate to say that it is the most beautiful mountain in the country.

Angels Landing (Utah, USA)

The "Angel Trail", the most famous peak in Zion Park, offers a superb view of the Virgin River Valley after its 8 km and 453 m of vertical drop. Here again, you should be well prepared to take the vertiginous passages, especially the section called Walter's Wiggles. This is a series of zigzags with a total of 21 turns. You have to have a strong heart, but just for the panoramas offered on the ochre-coloured cliffs of the park, the ascent is tempting. And then there are the unforgettable passages along the Virgin River and the possibility of taking a break whenever you want to regain your strength

Pu'u Manamana (Hawaii)

Hawaii's landforms make it a predictable terrain for hikers in love with vast landscapes. Here, you have to be prepared to hike 6.5 km of very narrow ridges and steep, perilous slopes. This hike east of Oahu is not an easy one, but when you walk along the ridges, the views of the lush green valley are simply breathtaking. Not to mention the panorama of the coastline and the shades of blue of the sea which is definitely worth all the effort and thrill in the world

Amphitheatre (South Africa)

Located in the Northern Drakensberg, the Amphitheatre is a rock formation ten times wider than the cliff of the famous El Capitan (Yosemite). We then reach an altitude of 2,930 m to enjoy a breathtaking spectacle. The Amphitheatre offers the most beautiful panoramas of the country. Moreover, it is also in this area that one has the chance to see the second highest waterfalls on earth: the Tugela Falls. Sentinel Peak Trail is the name of the hike that brings you closer to these two wonders. And for those who want to enjoy it even longer, don't hesitate to spend a night there for the pleasure of waking up to the sunlight that illuminates a nature of priceless beauty.

Haunya Picchu (Peru)

Just a few hundred meters north of the ancient Inca city of Machu Picchu, it can be observed from the top of its 2,720 meters. It is this mountain that can be seen in the background on any picture of the site. It's simple, the walk along the Inca trails is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful walks in the world. We are not going to lie, the paths are quite steep and are not suitable for people suffering from severe vertigo. For all those who are ready to try the adventure, Huayna Picchu is also home to an archaeological site called "Temple of the Moon", which the Incas built in the middle of a cave.

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