When you think of rest, relaxation, it's hard not to think of yourself sunbathing on a beautiful beach of fine sand in the sun. Alternate between moments of chatting, reading on the towel and swimming in translucent water with a temperature above 25°C... Many places on Earth allow everyone to enjoy this type of holiday, places where the weather is fine for a very large part of the year and which each offer a break that looks like an earthly paradise. Here are the dream destinations where you can go on holiday and totally disconnect from everyday life.

The Maldives, a trip to the heart of some of the most beautiful atolls

Located in the heart of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is a prime destination for a stay in the sun and enjoy the long white sand ribbons that line the amazing turquoise blue lagoons. Its various atolls offer real postcard landscapes, and the possibility of flying over them by seaplane is an experience not to be missed under any circumstances.

Among the other experiences offered by this dream destination, the possibility of sleeping in a villa on stilts, the practice of snorkeling and scuba diving to discover a fauna and flora of great beauty or the possibility of boarding a kayak to let yourself be transcended by the colours and light that are a call to joy and well-being. The Maldives offers on Private Travel are a great opportunity to fly to this little piece of paradise.

Bora Bora, 50 shades of blue

Head to the heart of the South Pacific to discover the one that can easily be called the jewel of French Polynesia, Bora Bora. This island is an ancient volcano that emerged from the waters 13 million years ago, and today it is located in a lagoon whose shades of blue appear almost supernatural. There is of course the ocean which is a great giant aquarium where you can swim with turtles, colourful fish and manta rays. A whole series of water sports awaits the most sporty: paddle, jet-ski, canoe with pendulum, there is plenty to do all day long.

But we must not neglect the interior of the island which reminds us of a Garden of Eden. On foot or by bike, it is great to take the time to observe nature, especially when hibiscus flowers appear. And it is always pleasant to stop at a restaurant or café terrace to take the time to contemplate the magnificent Mount Otemanu, which culminates at an altitude of 727 metres.

Nungwi - Zanzibar, the charms of Tanzania

The village of Nungwi has become an essential spot for those who wish to go on holidays in the sun. Located on the northern part of the island of Zanzibar, this small fishing village provides access to a superb white sandy beach where the water is translucent and at 26°C all year round. Nungwi also has a water sports centre where you can enjoy a variety of sporting activities and from where you can board to the neighbouring islands of Maffia, Pemba and Tumbatu. It is also recommended to take the time to walk through the village streets and stop at a few restaurants to enjoy the local cuisine.

Tulum, Mexico between the turquoise sea and historical heritage

It should first be pointed out that Tulum is the only Mayan city that is located on the seaside. It is a perfect destination for those who want to spend hours at the beach, swim in the different shades of blue of the Caribbean Sea and whose interest in history is undeniable. There is indeed the possibility during a stay in the Mexican village to visit the Castillo, one of the most remarkable and highest monuments. The Temple of Frescos is another great monument where you can admire images of supernatural beings as well as engravings and sculptures depicting Kukulkan, the feathered snake god. And finally, do not miss the Kukulkan Complex, located north of the Castillo, a collection of several monuments that have been erected in honour of this god.

The Seychelles, pure wonders with diverse influences

The Seychelles archipelago is composed of 115 small islands that take place in the heart of the Indian Ocean. The fact that it is composed of about a hundred islands is a great opportunity to combine several of them, in order to change the scenery and discover new things. In terms of activities, there is everything that makes a trip to the heart of tropical islands charming: snorkeling, windsurfing, swimming with sea turtles, golfing or simply joining the most beautiful beaches like Beau Vallon, to simply sunbathe and swim in warm, transparent water.

Seychelles is also an opportunity to stroll through unspoilt nature, observe the coconut palms and smooth rocks that border some beaches or take a walk along the Vallée de Mai, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is home to exceptional fauna and flora. Let us not forget to mention the meeting with the local population, which reveals an incredible diversity. By talking with people, as well as by taking an interest in gastronomy, we can see that several cultures are flourishing in the archipelago, from Chinese culture to African, Indian and French cultures.