With winter fast approaching and the coats out, are you dreaming of getting away? Nothing like a little trip to recharge your batteries. But where to go in November? Here are a few ideas for getaways to recharge your batteries!

Where to go in November to get some sun?

In Sicily, just two hours flight from Paris, temperatures are still very mild in November and the sun is really shining on this beautiful Mediterranean island. You can enjoy the gentle Sicilian way of life, the villages with their flowery streets by the sea and the bright white cafés where the dolce vita takes on its full meaning while you enjoy a good espresso or a creamy limoncello

If you are craving sun and warm seas, head for the Dominican Republic, a sure bet in the Caribbean to fill up on heat in winter. It offers beautiful beaches and almost permanent sunshine. Fine sand, transparent and turquoise water, the island has all the ingredients to meet the most beautiful clichés in terms of postcard. Without forgetting the seaside resorts like Punta Cana where the all-inclusive hotels are very good value for money! Here is something to bring back the colors in November

Florida is another destination where you will be able to bask in the sun in November. Between Miami Beach and its dream beaches, those of the Keys where you can discover beautiful seabeds or those of the West Coast far from mass tourism, you will be spoilt for choice in terms of beach tourism! And when you're tired of the beach, Orlando's theme parks, from Seaworld to Disney World and Universal Studios, are sure to take your mind off things

Where to go in November to get away from it all?

Head to the island of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands to go hiking in temperatures a little warmer than in France! Lanzarote is rich of a volcanic sand desert that covers the island and contrasts with the red of its hills. The landscape of Lanzarote was created capriciously by the lava of volcanic eruptions throughout the 18th and 19th centuries. It has thus acquired a rare and attractive beauty, which offers a great contrast with its beaches of blond sand and sites where vegetation grows as if by magic. The island is made up of volcanic caverns and lava lakes, pink soils, illuminated and sublimated by a permanent sun that offers brightness and clarity. Everything you need for a great hike!

Another dream destination for nature lovers: Vietnam. This country benefits from an extraordinary variety of landscapes from north to south. Terraced rice fields, bamboo forests, white sandy beaches, breathtaking waterfalls, marble mountains, majestic temples, colorful markets such as Muong Khuong, Vietnam knows how to receive, all wrapped in a bright sun and lush tropical vegetation.

For those who wish to stay in France, the Queyras region, in the Hautes-Alpes, is perfect to get some fresh air. The Queyras regional nature park is a concentrate of nature and tranquility with mountain landscapes, meadows, peaks over 3,000 meters that remain accessible and villages with character. Here is something to get away from the gloom of November!

Where to go in November for an exotic city trip?

Head for Rome, the eternal city that we never get tired of because it is so beautiful and rich in heritage! The Italian capital has so much to offer without going far from Paris and for very reasonable prices in November, low season period. Colosseum, St. Peter's Basilica, Palatine, Trevi Fountain... So many visits that will change you from your daily life! And to regain your strength, the famous Italian gastronomy will be available at every corner. Will you be tempted by a plate of pasta or a melting burrata?

For an original city trip, go to Dresden in Germany. This city, often unknown to the French, might surprise you! Beyond its picturesque historical center, the city's countless museums will seduce aesthetes as well as science lovers, without forgetting the sublime Zwinger, a true jewel of baroque architecture, or the Saxon National Opera, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful lyric theaters in the world. Dresden also has a rich and creative alternative scene; the Neustadt, on the north bank of the Elbe, is a testament to this dynamism with its ornate inner courtyards, craftsmanship, cafés and unbridled nightlife.

Another culturally interesting city, but probably sunnier in November: Thessaloniki in Greece. Thessaloniki is a great place to come, especially if you like art. With about thirty museums, 23 centuries of history, this city of 1 million inhabitants, and its international airport, has nothing to envy to Athens... except, obviously, a certain notoriety. Note: at the beginning of November, the city hosts, as it does every year, the International Film Festival of Thessaloniki with a very nice international program and films that the general public can see for a small fee.

We are entering the holiday season. At the end of November, you can already enjoy the Christmas decorations all over Europe. Take the opportunity to visit the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe.

Where to go in November for a family vacation?

If you want a destination that lives up to the hype, choose Dubai for your next trip in November. This is the time of year when temperatures are very pleasant. Take advantage of the warm, sunny days to indulge in your most unusual pastimes! Anything is possible in Dubai!

For families who dream of a more zen-like vacation to recharge their batteries, we recommend the Philippines! Browse our Philippines guide before deciding which of the 7,107 paradise islands to choose as your next destination. In addition to the beautiful beaches, the Philippines have exceptional seabeds. Be sure to visit the Palawan seabed among the many must-see diving spots

By going to this archipelago, you will avoid the masses of tourists from other big cities, so you can share pure moments with your loved ones

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