A dental implant, a hair transplant, a rhinoplasty... these medical practices remain expensive in many European countries. This is why many people are interested in these destinations that offer the same quality of care, but at much lower rates. Albania, a country located in the south-eastern part of the European continent, is one of those territories that are becoming increasingly popular in the field of medical tourism. Why is this? Because there are modern infrastructures with the latest equipment, as well as qualified and experienced personnel providing impeccable care. In addition, a stay in Albania to have your teeth treated or to have plastic surgery at the Gremi Clinic offers the opportunity to discover a country that is still too little known, and which nevertheless abounds in treasures, between charming cities, historical sites, varied and wild nature. Here are the main reasons for the boom in medical tourism in Albania.

Albania, jewel of the Balkans

Albania has an idyllic location, north of Greece, facing Italy and the Adriatic Sea. During a stay at the Gremi Clinic for treatment, patients are accommodated in a hotel in the capital, Tirana. This is an opportunity to visit a city with many faces. Starting with Skanderberg Square, which offers a panoramic view of the clock tower, the Et'hem Bey Mosque, the Opera House and the Plaza Hotel, with its modern architecture. You can then go to the main museums, which tell the tumultuous history of the country and especially the hard years of communist dictatorship. For this, head for Bunk'Art 1, Bunk'Art 2 and the House of Leaves. This last place, former headquarters of the Albanian intelligence police, has been converted into a museum and invites visitors to better understand the extent of the massive spying on the population under the regime of Enver Hoxha. A stroll in Tirana also leads to some surprising neighbourhoods, such as Blloku, where the facades are covered with street art. Moreover, Tirana is famous for the colourful architecture of its buildings. And then there is the lively atmosphere of the Pazari i Ri market, where you can stock up on fresh local produce before sitting down at a café or restaurant.

Albania is a small country, but big in history. It is also home to a variety of landscapes. Between two treatment sessions at the Gremi Clinic, a multitude of places are quickly accessible from the capital. Thus, the castle of Kruje is a marvel to be discovered at only thirty kilometres from Tirana. Built in the5th century, it is one of the oldest in Albania. To the north, situated on the banks of Lake Skadar, the city of Shkodër invites you to take a stroll in its charming pedestrian centre. We take the opportunity to go and see the Lead Mosque, to contemplate its stone houses of the 19th century and of course, to take the direction of the citadel of Rozafa, nestled at the top of the Tepe hill. Here you will discover one of the best preserved ancient sites in the country with the castle, a theatre, Ottoman and Venetian remains and traces of Illyrian walls. Lovers of ancient architecture should not miss the ruins of the ancient Greek city of Appolonia. Remarkably preserved, they bear witness to their original splendour and the view from the surrounding hills is superb. On another day, Bérat awaits visitors. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, dominated by a remarkable 13th-century castle, the "city of 1,000 windows" reveals a multitude of Balkan-style houses on the hillside. The best place to enjoy it is from the bridge over the Osum River.

A stay in Albania for treatment also includes some escapades in the middle of nature. Like at the artificial lake of Koman, beautiful with its surrounding green mountains. The translucent lake of Bovilla, located only 45 minutes northeast of Tirana, is also surrounded by wonderful landscapes that can be enjoyed from the hiking trails. A beautiful and unusual place full of legends is the Eye of the Cyclops, in the village of Krrabe. This underground spring with its bright blue-green colour fascinates locals and visitors alike. You can even cool off here on the hottest days. And then there is the Albanian Riviera, which from Vlorë in the north to Sarandë on the Greek border reveals steep cliffs, coves, beaches and attractive seaside resorts. Less tumultuous than other rivieras in Europe, it is a pure joy to smell the sea air, to enjoy the infinite panoramas on the Ionian Sea and to swim during the summer season. Among the places not to be missed are the bay of Grama, the village of Ksamil and the beach of Gjipe which, surrounded by cliffs, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful stretches of sand on the coast. Along the Albanian Riviera, we stop in the cities of Vlorë or Dhermil to enjoy the sun, before going into the preserved hinterland and rich in romantic villages.

Albania, the reasons for the boom in medical tourism

Albania is witnessing a real rise in medical tourism, a concept that combines medical practices and visits to sites of interest. The territory is now equipped with infrastructures that have nothing to envy to those of other European countries such as France, Germany or Italy. Equipped with modern facilities, they offer exactly the same quality of care. The main difference is the cost. And this is one of the reasons why patients flock to these hospitals. Thanks to the low cost of living in Albania, the medical facilities offer economies of scale of up to 60% on dental and cosmetic costs. Patients pay less, yes, but the quality is there, with the presence of expert doctors (maxillofacial surgeons, anaesthetists, dental assistants, etc.) and the use of materials with CE certification. In addition, international protocols are followed.

Today, patients can plan a stay at the Gremi Clinic for dental implants, crowns and other orthodontic and periodontal treatments at the best prices. Upon arrival, a free history and initial visit are provided. A personalized care plan is then detailed.

But they can now also be treated for cosmetic surgery. The practitioners, who have been trained and practiced in Europe and the United States, perform hair transplants, otoplasty, rhinoplasty, rhinoseptoplasty, mammoplasty, abdominoplasty, blepharoplasty and botox injections to eliminate wrinkles, dark circles, fine lines and fill in volumes.

In addition to the wide range of treatments offered, their quality and low prices, patients are offered a stay in a comfortable hotel in the center of Tirana and transfer from the airport to recovery. During the whole treatment, they are welcomed and assisted in French. The organization of expeditions to the various Albanian sites of interest is also included in the stay.

The Gremi Clinic is a pioneer structure in Albania. It has a solid reputation and has welcomed tens of thousands of patients since its inception in 2009 for dental implants and other prostheses. Cosmetic surgery, which was subsequently expanded, is also booming and is very popular with the public in search of a perfect plastic.

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