If going on holiday on board a converted van has seduced the Anglo-Saxons for many years now, it is also increasingly the case in France. It is indeed an excellent way to plan a road-trip and to discover a multitude of landscapes, but also to live daily far from the crowd and to get back in touch with nature. Without forgetting the comfort of taking with you a maximum of the things you need and having everything at your disposal in the same vehicle: the means of transport, the accommodation, the space to cook, the sanitary corner. In short, for all those who want to experience an original holiday full of surprises when the weather is fine, choose the converted van!

The freedom to go wherever you want

This is perhaps one of the main arguments to be put forward to convince definitively those who would hesitate to go on holiday on board a converted van: the freedom to feel free at any time! Indeed, you can live your stay according to your desires, without any constraint. You can easily change atmospheres and landscapes, especially in France where it is very easy to go from one natural environment to another in just a few hours. The climate is mild and sunny? It might be the perfect time to go for a walk in the mountains or a picnic in the countryside. Is it very hot? Then it's time to head for the beach, for the pleasure of swimming and sunbathing. And on rainy days, you don't have to worry about what to do, just drive and change places

Holidays in a van also mean changing your habits, being in contact with nature and living outside as much as possible. Taking the time to appreciate the elements that surround us and avoid getting back into a routine lifestyle, as we tend to do in a hotel or in a holiday rental

It is also important to note that the van can be used anywhere. While in a motor home, it is often necessary to park on dedicated spaces, there is no problem with the van to park on any parking space. Practical for stopping in town, taking a walk, having a drink on the terrace and doing some shopping

With a van fitted out, it is very comfortable to drive on any road, it is moreover recommended to avoid the motorways and to privilege the national and departmental roads. This is the best way to find areas where you can stop if you feel like it: a vineyard, the edge of a forest, a lake or a small village full of charm

A comfortable way to travel

Travelling by van is also a practical and comfortable way to travel. In France, VAN-IT is the first agency to have proposed the rental of converted vans, with different vehicles designed for daily life and agencies available all over the country (Paris, Lyon, Nantes, Lilles, Montpellier or Metz). Reservations can be made in a few clicks online, and the rates are very attractive. In the van, there is a fully equipped kitchen area for preparing meals, a lounge area for eating, drinking or relaxing inside, as well as various sleeping arrangements for the night. The van can accommodate up to 5 people, so it is perfectly suited for family holidays with children and friends. Finally, there is a real shower and a chemical toilet. No more need to go and ring the bell at the various campsites, the van offers perfect autonomy to travellers

And then, by leaving on board of a van towards the destinations of its choice, one has the possibility of taking along the material which one can need for the times of relaxation and the leisures: a small folding table for outside, the tennis rackets, the board of inflatable paddle and some plays. VAN-IT also offers various options to make your trip easier and more enjoyable: GoPro, bikes and bike racks, solar shower, etc

Autonomy, freedom, but also an economical way to travel since you avoid the costs of accommodation and meals in restaurants, the van has all the assets to live an original and unforgettable trip!

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