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Practical information : Take a break Singapore City


The opening hours are quite variable for the bars, the must-sees, considered almost as a tourist attraction, such as the Long Bar du Raffles, open from 11am to 1h30 approximately. The other classic bars tend to open around 6pm until 2am every day. Expect quite a crowd from 6pm to 9pm, the locals enjoy afterwork and happy-hour.

The cosy cafés, tea rooms and gourmet shops are open from 8am to 6pm in general, the cafés co-working spaces close later, they are open every day.

Budget & TipsBudget & Tips

Alcohol is expensive in Singapore, about $12 for a pint of beer and $10 for a glass of basic wine, but most bars have happy-hour, usually between 6pm and 9pm. Women have the chance to enjoy the famous "ladies night" every Wednesday evening, which is a very popular reduced rate for outings with friends! More and more eco-responsible cafés are taking action for the BYO (Bring your own) by encouraging you to bring your cup and they will fill it up with coffee, with a discount on the price ( As in restaurants, taxes and tips are included in bars

Age restrictionsAge restrictions

The legal age for drinking and buying alcohol in Singapore is 18. The Singaporean police are increasingly vigilant about age controls since the emergence of the new phenomenon of "binje drinking", which consists of drinking large quantities of alcohol as quickly as possible. A way to defy the laws for a youth with sometimes a strong purchasing power... So if you are over 18 and look very young, keep your passport with you if you need it.

What's very localWhat's very local

Wednesday night is Ladies Night, many bars offer discounted rates and free drinks for women. A great opportunity to get together and enjoy the night. Sorry gentlemen, no Gents night in the calendar yet..


Children are allowed in the bars, if you sit on the terrace they can even move around and play in the surrounding area, it is very safe. Some stylish establishments, such as the Raffles Hotel's Long Bar, offer non-alcoholic cocktails for children. They can enjoy a Virgin Singapore Sling!


As in restaurants, the rules are very strict. Smoking is of course forbidden inside, and some tables, not all, are reserved for smokers on the terrace. In case of doubt, it is better to ask the waiter to respect the rules as much as possible.