To keep fishing in the heart of winter, there's nothing like a short trip! Where to go in February? Here are some ideas for escapades that should give you some energy.

Where to go in February to recover colors in the sun?

If you want sun and heat, you will have to fly to other latitudes in February

A few hours flight from Paris, Lanzarote in the Canary Islands offers warmer temperatures than in France in February! Of rare and attractive beauty, the island of volcanic formation has very beautiful beaches of light sand that contrast with sites where vegetation grows as if by magic. Beyond its seaside attractions, it is hard not to fall under the spell of this island composed of volcanic caves, lava lakes and pink soils, lit by a permanent sun that offers a beautiful luminosity to the whole. Your sunglasses and sunscreen will be essential allies

For more change of scenery, head for Asia for a holiday in the paradise of Bali. Temperatures are ideal in February for a relaxing stay in the sun and at low prices. Its volcanic beaches offer the idyllic setting for sunbathing, and its rollers offer one of the best surf spots in the world. Bali's terraced rice fields and many temples will dazzle you. By going to the Gili Islands, you can enjoy uninterrupted festivities, but above all the paradisiacal beaches ideal for scuba diving to escape during your stay. No doubt, the island of Bali will enchant you and has all the characteristics of an ideal destination!

If you are dreaming of Africa to end the year in style, go to Senegal! This safe country in Africa has some very beautiful beaches and we particularly recommend the seaside resort of Saly for its turquoise waters and its quality seaside resorts at less than 100 € per night in an all-inclusive package. But the capital, Dakar, also has plenty of hotels with beautiful swimming pools at competitive prices

For more escape, choose Kenya and experience a safari. You will be amazed by the visit of national parks such as Nairobi, but also by the sunny plains of the Masai Mara Reserve

Where to go in February to discover wide open spaces?

For a winter with a beautiful snow cover, head for Lapland in Finland, in Rovaniemi, where the famous "Santa Claus" lives. It is at the level of the Arctic Circle that his magical village is located and you can meet him directly at home if you are already nostalgic for the Christmas and New Year holidays! But Lapland is also the kingdom of wide open spaces and winter sports with many activities to enjoy on site: snowshoeing, night-time snowmobile rides in search of the Northern Lights, dog sledding... It is true that it is an average of -30°C at this time of year, but the change of scenery is such that you will not regret having to brave the cold..

Where to go in February for a winter sports holiday?

For a breath of fresh air on the ski slopes, the many French ski resorts of the Alps and Pyrenees remain safe values. However, you could also go to Croatia in February! Indeed, this small country, only 3 hours flight from Paris, is not only a summer destination where it is good to swim, it is also a good place for winter sports. North of Zagreb, and only 45 minutes from the city centre, Mount Sliem hosts a superb ski resort on the Medvednica massif, at an altitude of 1,033 metres. And since the station is easily accessible by tramway and then by cable car from Zagreb, you can also take the opportunity to visit the city and enjoy its restaurants and nightlife.

Where to go in February for a getaway in the wild?

If you want nature, but warmer temperatures, do a little immersion in the heart of the Ourika Valley in the High Atlas. Only 30 km from Marrakech, this green valley is a breath of fresh air with several pleasant hiking trails, but also pretty Berber villages and comfortable guest houses. A real change of scenery always 3 hours from Paris!

Where to go in February to do a cultural city trip?

Why not spend a few days in Ireland discovering Galway, European Capital of Culture 2020? Located at the crossroads of some of Ireland's most popular tourist attractions, Galway is a popular destination for visitors. The city also has everything to please: a lively centre, a very young population, attractive streets with decorated facades, pub signs and original shops. Finally, this city is also considered as the capital of Irish music so expect good live music in bars, in addition to the various concerts planned due to the city's emergence as European Capital of Culture.

Where to go in February for a festive holiday?

February is the shortest month of the year, but it is still one of the most festive, as it is the month of carnival celebrations

And because it's the season, Düsseldorf is the perfect place for a carnival getaway. Less well known than the Cologne carnival, the Düsseldorf carnival is however one of the most beautiful and colourful in Germany with its costumed parades on the Königsallee and its many balls

A return trip to Italy is also an opportunity to experience the Venice Carnival. Very famous and unavoidable, it will be necessary to plan well in advance to spend a colourful holiday. Once there, all you have to do is strut through the streets of the city centre to watch the daily costume parades that bring the city to life with its shimmering colours.

February is the month that also celebrates Valentine's Day, the feast of lovers. If you want to enjoy your couple in a more romantic setting, discover in our article the best destinations to go to on Valentine's Day.

Finally, if you wish to stay in France in February, we advise you to go and visit Mandelieu, in the PACA region, for the mimosa festival that is held there every year at this time of year. After an inaugural evening at the chapel "Notre-Dame des Mimosas" and the election of the Queen of Mimosa, shows and especially flower corsos of mimosas take place throughout the city. What a joy to leave with his little sprig of mimosa at the end of the corso!

Where to go in February for a family holiday?

We advise you to Costa Rica to build up family memories. You will have the chance to discover all the biodiversity of a country that is a pioneer in ecotourism. Between sunny beach and river, an average temperature of 25°C, go as a family to discover the volcanoes of Costa Rica. The land of volcanoes is the country with the largest number of active craters in the world.

Don't miss the ascent of Irazú volcano, ranked among the 10 most impressive volcanoes in the world. Located 30 kilometers from the capital San Jose, this natural phenomenon will amaze every member of the family with its ascent and bright colors. No doubt, Costa Rica promises you great escapades!

If you were unable to go on holiday during the month of February, find out as soon as possible where to go in March.

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