Uzbekistan is one of the richest Central Asian countries in terms of cultural jewels. It is here that one can trace the mythical era of the Silk Roads, stop in magical cities, at the foot of grandiose mosques and mausoleums, and cross lands that are sometimes deserted and others mountainous and strewn with greenery. With its cultural identity and treasures, Uzbekistan has understood that it has the potential to become a pillar of tourism in its region. The country has not hesitated to modernize its infrastructure and to create all the conditions for travelers to come in numbers. As proof of its success, Uzbekistan was awarded the "Best Emerging Destination" prize at the "Travel + Leisure India's Best Awards" in 2020

One of the most pandemic-resistant countries and open to travelers

Tourism is one of the most dynamic industries in Uzbekistan. Since the arrival of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev at the head of the country in 2016, the man has wanted to transform it into a strategic sector of the national economy. In 2021, the number of states whose nationals can enter the country without a visa has reached the number of 91. In order to stimulate entrepreneurial activity in the tourism industry, the government has introduced various fiscal measures to encourage the construction of hotel facilities, theme parks, import of passenger vehicles, etc

It is not for nothing thatUzbekistan will host the 25th session of the General Assembly of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in 2023 in Samarkand. The country is booming in terms of tourism and the authorities are doing everything possible to create good conditions for hosting. There is no doubt that the holding of this high-level event will promote the tourism potential of the country, in addition to the many guests who will participate in the assembly and will be as many potential ambassadors.

While the tourism business is suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic, Uzbekistan is the most resilient country in Central Asia to the global crisis. The country is registering very few cases daily and the overall health situation is good. In addition, everything is being done in the country to welcome travelers in good conditions. This is the "Uzbekistan. Safe travel guaranteed", which includes physical distancing and the wearing of masks in public places and transport, but also the prohibition to go to public places to people with a body temperature of 37 degrees or more and/or showing symptoms of disease, etc.). French travelers are among those who can enter Uzbekistan without quarantine. The condition to enter the country is to present a negative PCR test certificate less than 72 hours before boarding. This applies to travelers from 2 years old.

Some must-sees during a stay in Uzbekistan

A stay in Uzbekistan allows you to discover a country with multiple facets. You will discover cities with a rich history such as the fascinating Samarkand, with the great Siab bazaar, the Bibi-Khanym mosque and the Chah-e-Zindeh mausoleums. Bukhara is the city that has preserved the largest number of ancient buildings of all the cities of the Silk Road. Marguilan is one of the temples of handicrafts, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A trip to Richtan allows you to contemplate the silk stoles so proudly worn by Uzbek women. In terms of nature, one can go from hiking in the Nurata mountains, which reveal here and there pretty villages with stone houses, to trekking in the immense steppes of the Kizil-Koum, which, between swirls of sand and nights in a yurt with Kazakh nomads, remains a unique experience.

Uzbekistan also offers travelers a chance to enjoy its festivities. Starting with the Navrouz festival, the new year celebrated in all Central Asia. Taking place on March 21, it welcomes spring and the renewal of nature. We attend folklore parades, discover fascinating and lively ancestral customs, before sharing a meal and the unavoidable sumalak, ritual dish of the growth of wheat. A little later, during a week at the end of May, the "Silk and Spices" festival in Bukhara is a great opportunity to see thousands of silk fabrics decorating the neighborhoods, but also to attend shows, concerts and craft workshops. Not to mention the many spice sellers who come from all over the country to present their products. A beautiful range of everything that makes Uzbekistan rich and unique.

More information on the websites of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Republic of Uzbekistan and theEmbassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the French Republic