Argentina's must-see attractions

Argentina is a fascinating country, a country of contrasts. It is indeed composed of a multitude of landscapes, from arid valleys to glaciers. It is also a vast territory with a rich cultural identity and where the locals love to get in touch with visitors to help them discover all that makes Argentina a land that you want to explore from start to finish. Whether you're a fan of lively big cities, good food and wine or great natural spaces, there's something to make travellers with different profiles happy, and that's why Argentina is a country not to be missed under any circumstances. Here are the essentials

Buenos Aires, colourful capital

It is impossible to pass through Argentina without making a stopover in its amazing capital, Buenos Aires. In this huge, dynamic metropolis, people love to stroll through its different districts, whose architecture can remind you of European cities such as Paris, Naples or Madrid. Traces that are the legacy of the colonial era. Don't miss the Plaza de Mayo, a historic square, and the most beautiful monuments such as the Casa Rosada or the Colon Theatre. In the Boca neighborhood, you can enjoy colorful houses with colorful facades, art galleries and trendy shops. To get a little green, you can go for a walk in the Japanese gardens, the largest outside Japan. Then, in the evening, we take the direction of the district of San Telmo, cradle of the tango. During the many shows that are given there, one has the opportunity to indulge in this elegant dance, which is now world famous.

Escape to Iguazú Falls

Located on the border between Argentina and Brazil, no less than 275 waterfalls take place amidst lush vegetation. To see them you have to go to Iguazú National Park, where beautiful walks have been set up around what are considered to be the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. Beyond this impressive element of nature, one should not hesitate to take trails that lead to the heart of the rainforest. It is home to incredible flora and fauna. With a bit of luck and by opening your eyes wide, you can even see some animals such as birds, monkeys and anteaters.

A hike in the Fuego National Park

Everyone who goes to Ushuaïa should take the time to visit the Fuego National Park, just for the feeling of being at the end of the world. But the park offers much more, such as the opportunity to walk along picturesque Patagonian lakes, rivers and lagoons that flow into the famous Beagle Channel. As soon as you have passed Mount Susana, you take time to admire the old prison that now serves as a train station. Then, later on, we arrive in the valley in the direction of Ensenada Bay, from where we can admire the Estorbo and Redonda Islands. And in the distance you can see the snowy peaks of Mount Sampaio, which are in Chile. Those who still have the strength to hike can hike along the banks of the Lapataia River and Lake Roca. In the Fuego National Park, the natural elements are splendid and the landscapes are breathtakingly beautiful.

Take a road trip on Route 40

Route 40 is the equivalent of Route 66 in the United States. We leave from the Bolivian border to reach the extreme south of the country. Over a distance of 5,000 km, you can discover the great variety of Argentine landscapes in the most beautiful way. It is also a recommended itinerary for visiting the main national parks. We venture into the heart of landscapes, each more splendid than the other, from the Calchaquies valleys to the lake region at the foot of the Andes. Route 40 is a must-see for all adventurers, and several types of clothing should be brought along, since the temperature differences from north to south are significant.

Los Glaciares National Park, the pearl of Patagonia

Lovers of breathtaking scenery are well advised to visit Los Glacieres National Park. It is no less than the third largest ice cap in the world, after the Arctic and Antarctic. The National Park encompasses Lake Viedma and Lake Argentina, two large lakes of glacial origin. It is here that large glaciers come to spread out and photography enthusiasts have plenty to take great pictures. In the northern part of the park, you have to go to the area around Fitz Roy Mountain. It is also at the foot of this mountain with such a particular look that you can go on beautiful hikes during which you must remember to open your eyes to see the many birds that have made their home in the area. For example, try to catch a glimpse of the majestic condor

The Quebrada de Humahuaca, the beauty of arid landscapes

What a joy to travel this arid mountain valley along the Rio Grande River. The ideal is to rent a car and drive along the roads from which you can contemplate the ochre and orange-coloured mountains. In Purmamarca, it is the mountain of 7 colours that constitutes one of the most beautiful wonders of this fascinating territory that stretches over 155 km. We also make a few stops in beautiful little villages, such as Humahuaca, Uquia and Tilcara. Places where one takes the time to talk with the local population, always welcoming. With so much wealth, it is no wonder that the Quebrada de Humahuaca was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003.

A trip to the Laguna Brava Provincial Reserve

In the heart of the province of La Rioja lies the Laguna Brava reserve, where the Andean landscapes reign supreme. It brings together an entire protected ecosystem that must absolutely be discovered. Most of the reserve is devoted to Lake Brava and its surroundings. Around the lagoon, where the waters extend 17 km long, there is the highest chain of volcanoes in the world. Difficult to access, it is recommended to be accompanied by a guide to have the chance to enter safely. The other interest of this reserve is the richness of its fauna. Andean cats, red foxes, pumas, vicuñas and beautiful flamingos live in this territory.

Córdoba, Mecca of culture

The city of Córdoba is located in the centre of Argentina. It is an important student city, an economic centre and a cultural hotspot for the country. You have to start by going to see the emblematic monuments. Go to the Plaza de San Martín to admire the cathedral, and later to the Jesuit City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Several museums are also worth a visit. The Evita Museum of Fine Arts is home to works by world-famous artists such as Picasso and Goya. At the Museo de la Memoria, we plunge into the heart of the hard years of the Argentinean dictatorship. On another day, we walk along the Paseo de Las Artes, a market that is a must to discover crafts and where you can see artistic performances between the stalls of vendors. Then, in the evening, it is in the Nueva Córdoba district that the students of the city come to party in the many lively bars.

Go see the Cueva de Las Manos..

La Cueva de Las Manos, also known as the Cave of Painted Hands, is located in the province of Santa Cruz in Argentine Patagonia. On this incredible archaeological site, hundreds of cave paintings can be seen on the cave walls. Extremely well preserved, they represent handprints that have been stenciled. According to archaeologists, it was between the 12th century BC and the 6th century that they were carried out by groups of hunters. This is a not-to-be-missed stop for history and art lovers and the site is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Tiger, the Argentinean Venice

During a visit to Buenos Aires, it is advisable to spend a few hours in the city of Tigre, which is located not far from the bustling capital. It is a pleasant green and peaceful city that was built on the banks of the Paraná Delta, one of the largest deltas in the world. All the trips are made by boat and one takes the time to admire the houses on stilts, vast villas and small fishermen's cabins. On sunny days, it is not uncommon to see children jumping into the water and enjoying happy moments. During a cruise on the waterways, you can also see small wild islets, rich in fauna and flora. Then we end with a walk in the city centre, along the quays specially equipped for walkers

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