Leave with peace of mind! To avoid forgetting anything, make a checklist and follow the necessary steps to be ready on the day of departure. There is so much to plan, to prepare, to check, from sanitary conditions to useful documents, from luggage to managing your home in your absence. Here are some tips for preparing for a successful vacation

Establish a defined and detailed budget

You've saved up to make your vacation a happy and relaxing one. To free your mind, properly evaluate your expenses by category: transportation, lodging, food, leisure, without forgetting a small envelope for the unexpected. This way, there will be no unpleasant surprises at the end of your vacation, and no frustrations.

Plan your accommodation in the budget and think about the details of comfort

Vacations rhyme with rest and relaxation, so check the level of equipment in your vacation accommodation. Plan for sheets and shower towels, hygiene products, for example. Check for the presence of deckchairs and a barbecue. If necessary, provide a window screen, dishes, household products, etc.

Provide the right documents

Check that your documents are up to date and make a list of those that are essential and/or useful for your destination: identity papers, health insurance card, European health insurance card, vaccination pass, etc

Find out about regulations and customs

If you are going to a foreign country, especially to a remote destination, make sure you are familiar with local laws and customs, driving habits, clothing rules, prohibitions, climate, health conditions, etc.

Prepare your vehicle

If you are leaving by car, ask your mechanic to do a small check-up: tire pressure, oil levels, battery, etc. Check the validity of your insurance, the local driving rules and don't forget your driver's license!

Organization to prepare your luggage

Buy beforehand what you might need at your destination: bathing suit, sun cream, hiking shoes, backpack, water bottle, sunglasses, etc., so as not to forget anything and to avoid emergency shopping when you get there.

Free yourself mentally from work and daily problems

You are on vacation to rest and not to consult this or that file or finish this or that work. Don't take your computer, don't stay in touch, forget your office, your company, your boss! To do this, free yourself from emergencies before leaving. And don't think about all the things that bother you in your daily life, from public transport to shopping in supermarkets

Think about the security of your home

Make sure your home is well insured, with insurance that covers damage (floods, fire, etc.) and burglary. You can compare offers with an online insurance comparator.

If you leave pets and plants at home

Arrange for a relative to come and take care of them. In addition, the regular presence of a person in your home will dissuade burglars.

If you are going away with your children

Provide water, snacks, games, medication if they are sick during the trip, and regular stops so that they can let off steam (depending on their age).