We sometimes tend to forget this when planning a trip abroad, but the legislation differs from one country to another. Consequently, it is advisable to inform yourself before leaving, so as not to be surprised once there. For those who do not know, some countries prohibit the electronic cigarette. This may seem surprising when you know that the e-cigarette saves lives compared to tobacco. But it is a fact, and it is better to be aware before vapoter once on site. Because using his electronic cigarette in a country where it is prohibited is to take the risk of confiscating his equipment, receive a fine, and even be sentenced to a prison sentence for some states! Here are these countries in the world where the e-cigarette is not welcome.

These countries that prohibit the electronic cigarette

It is always advisable to make a tour of the side of the sections advice to travelers on the Internet. Indeed, each country has its own laws, and it is better to be informed before making mistakes once arrived at your destination. For example, the laws differ in the area of driving or alcohol consumption. This also applies, contrary to what one might think, to the use of an electronic cigarette. Here is the list of countries that formally prohibit smoking on their territory:

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Brazil, Argentina, Brunei, Cambodia, Egypt, Colombia, United Arab Emirates, Gambia, Hong Kong, Iran, India, Kuwait, Jordan, Nepal, Lebanon, malaysia (partial states only), Oman, Panama, Seychelles, Singapore, Suriname, Syria, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Taiwan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Uganda, Uruguay and Nicaragua.

It is essential to find out what legislation is in place regarding e-cigarettes in these states, because as we have seen above, penalties are applied, ranging from simple confiscation of the equipment to prison sentences, as is the case in Thailand.

Some countries have also adopted legislation and special measures about the electronic cigarette, including the transport of e-liquids that go with it. It is for example almost impossible to find e-liquid with nicotine in Japan, since it is subject to medical prescription. In Indonesia, the equipment for vaping is confiscated if you do not have a medical prescription in your medicine bag

How to do when you can not do without his electronic cigarette?

People who can not do without their electronic cigarette during their travels have the choice to make a cross on the destinations that prohibit the use. But to think, there are certainly some solutions a little less radical.

For example, people who are in the transition period from smoking to e-cigarettes can use a patch or chew nicotine gum. These nicotine substitutes help to hold the time of the stay and it is important not to fail to seek advice from his doctor or his tobaccologist. Regarding people who vapotage for pleasure or for the gesture, everything is a question of will. It is surely possible to do without the e-cigarette during the holidays, especially when we leave for a period of one to two weeks. And then, on a trip, there are a thousand things to see, do and discover. It is likely that the last thing you think about is the electronic cigarette.

And then, we must remember to inform regularly, because as in many areas, legislation is changing around the world, and this could affect at one time or another the use of the e-cigarette