Wherever you go on holiday, be it to the sea, the mountains or to a lovely corner of the countryside, the children are usually busy for a large part of the day. They play on the sand, in the water, peacefully ride their bikes or run through the fields. Not to mention the countless visits and sports activities with the parents. But there are always a few moments when they ask for more entertainment, especially before and after dinner, when they return to the campsite, hotel or holiday apartment. It's not always easy to satisfy their desire to have fun again and again, so here are some valuable ideas to keep children occupied on holiday and to spend some happy times together.

Artistic activities to do indoors

Apart from the activities that we do as a family all day long during the holidays, the children try to take advantage of every moment to play, to have a good time with the brothers and sisters, the parents or the cousin that we have invited to join us. After breakfast and in the evening before and after meals, finding games for young and old is not always easy. There are, however, simple and unobtrusive ways to entertain the children during the time spent in the accommodation. In order to have time to prepare the aperitif and the meal, children are always happy to sit around a table and let their imagination run wild by drawing, cutting, sticking or painting.

Before leaving, it is therefore recommended that you put a few sheets of paper, felt-tip pens, a few old magazines for cutting, small pairs of scissors, glue, brushes and a small palette of paint in the suitcase. In the end, it doesn't take up much space, and children, especially before they are teenagers, will be able to spend time being creative and impressing their parents with their work.

Board games to entertain the whole family

Board games are usually popular on holiday. It's the perfect time to slow down and spend time with friends and family, play together and enjoy moments that you don't always get to enjoy 100% during school and work.

While the meal is cooking in the oven, or once dinner is finished and it is still a little early to go to bed, it is always a good idea to sit around the table with the children, or to sit on a soft mat to play cards, board games, dice, role playing or any other fun activities that require assembling various elements and showing agility.

There are many games that allow you to have a good time with your family, entertaining children, teenagers and adults alike. In addition, there are games with compact boxes that are very easy to slip into the corner of the boot of the car to take with you to your holiday destination. Perhaps the children can even use some of them to pass the time on the way. Because yes, children often want to play on the way to the holiday destination. And when you have to spend long hours on the road, it's best to plan ahead!

Preparing the aperitif and meal together

During family vacations, meals are a special time. We finally have the opportunity to take our time, to concoct things that we are used to or time to prepare and above all, to enjoy ourselves. Once back from the beach or an afternoon swim by the lake, a walk in the countryside or a visit to the farm, you should remember to invite the children to prepare the aperitif and the meal. Contrary to popular belief, children love to take part in the preparation of the dishes. Passing the food, cutting some vegetables bought at the market in the morning for the older children, helping to gather the ingredients in the salad bowl to prepare a cake, cooking is a friendly and learning moment, to be lived absolutely as a family.

As for the aperitif, it is possible to prepare together the fruit to be mixed for an alcohol-free cocktail, and it is also possible to make some mini-brochettes with multicoloured pieces of vegetables and cheese cubes; the children will love it!

With a minimum of organisation, it is obviously impossible for children to get bored on holiday. By putting a few accessories in the suitcase and regularly going to the market, you are sure to have a creative, fun, tasty and happy holiday!