It is the nightmare of all people who use their car to get to their holiday destination, but a car breakdown is never ruled out. In general, the first reflex to avoid it is to have all the necessary checks done by a garage: tire pressure, oil levels, condition of the timing belt, etc. If, despite everything, a problem does occur, whether on a motorway, national or departmental highway, there are a few ways to limit the extra costs. Be careful to take them into account so as not to strain your budget.

The importance of calling the right contact person

As soon as a car breakdown is felt on the road, the first reflex is to secure all the passengers. To do this, you have to get to the hard shoulder on the motorway or to a secure area on the right-hand side of the road on the national and departmental roads. Once the car has come to a stop and the people are safe from the traffic, the important thing is to understand the breakdown. Because if it is a puncture, it is not always useful to call for help. If you are prepared and equipped, it is a manoeuvre that is within everyone's reach. If the lights come on, don't hesitate to ask your garage for advice. A mechanic can certainly give some valuable advice from a distance, at least until you reach the nearest garage. He can, for example, advise you to simply add coolant.

It is essential to contact the insurer in the event of a major breakdown or if you do not feel able to intervene (even for a puncture), so that the insurer can explain the terms and conditions of the assistance. They depend, of course, on the contract taken out, and this is where the guarantees and services of the Identicar Club can ensure total coverage.

However, it is important to know that calling a local convenience store or garage can incur significant costs that will undoubtedly put a strain on your holiday budget. Hence the need to be very vigilant and to have in mind the right reflexes to adopt in case of a problem.

On motorways, if in doubt, you should reach an emergency call station as soon as possible or call via the "SOS Autoroute" smartphone application. An approved breakdown mechanic is then sent by the security service and will carry out repairs on the spot, if possible. If not, he will be able to tow the vehicle to the nearest rest area or to the garage chosen by the car owner.

Anticipate and opt for the right car insurance

The best way to prevent a car breakdown on the holiday road is to anticipate in terms of insurance. This involves managing the car contract. Many car contracts offer assistance with a service available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Good insurance is essential to cover towing, car repairs, travel expenses, but also accommodation (transfer to the holiday destination or back home).

Not forgetting the possibility of taking out useful additional insurance such as that offered by the Identicar Club. Packages that include 24-hour assistance, the provision of a replacement vehicle, driver and passenger assistance, 0 km towing assistance or coverage of repair costs up to €1,000.

You are never alone in the event of a car breakdown on the holiday route. With the right insurance, good anticipation and the right reflexes, you can avoid a lot of hassles