Don't let your travel photos sleep in your smartphone or computer. You can turn them into a work of art! Print the most beautiful ones in gallery quality to bring to your home a decorative element with an extra soul. You have the choice of formats, finishes and frames

Beforehand, how to collect beautiful images during your trip? On your return, how to immortalize and enhance your most beautiful memories? Dare to go for the best of the best, the art print on aluminum and Plexiglas finish! Give your home a photo decoration that looks like you.

Professional advice for beautiful photos

Choose the hours when the light is most beautiful: early morning and late afternoon. Vary the angles, the framing, the lenses, dare to use backlighting. When abroad, take scenes from everyday life (with the agreement of the people photographed). You can use the rule of thirds. Imagine in your lens, the image divided into three vertical lines and three horizontal lines equidistant, position the important elements (character, monument, trees...) at the intersections of these imaginary lines rather than in the middle of the frame

Get some height

Two photo styles, two strategies. For portraits or documentary images you will never be too close to your subject. You can also make a landscape, architectural or atmospheric image. To do this, get up high from a bell tower, a hill, a skyscraper to get beautiful images. Locate the sites from which you rise. Do not hesitate to make panoramic shots. If you master the drone and have your license, you can create new images (flight subject to regulations).

Prepare your files for prints

Digital technology offers new processes and perspectives. Made with your smartphone or a digital camera, your photos can be of sufficient quality for printing. So you can provide a JPEG file via the Internet to the online lab that will print it for you. The biggest difficulty remains the drastic selection of the best shots and if possible their improvement, brightness, contrast, color and saturation. A smarthpone allows an A4 print while a 24 millions pixels camera allows an A3 print or even more for sharp images

Which photos to print?

Of course first of all it is your choice! You will offer a print to the photos that will remind you of privileged moments. A happy memory, a sumptuous landscape, a funny close-up... In short, a choice that justifies the presence of a print in front of your eyes every day. Technically, your image must meet certain quality criteria and be transmitted by Internet or on a USB key in stores that welcome the public. The professional in charge of an art print will be able to advise you on the definition, the number of pixels, etc... that it should have. Know, for example, that a photo taken with the best smartphones using the main lens can be printed up to a large format 40 X 60 cm.

Prepare your photo

Everything is done through the laboratory's website and delivery is made to your home. You choose the format and the finish, you upload your files on a server which will tell you according to the definition which format you can choose in good quality and will guide you in the choice of papers, silver or inkjet, matt or glossy. Finally the possible finishes from the small traditional frame to the maxi print glued on aluminum. For the calibration, use a generic RGB color space such as sRGB or better Adobe RGB 98 to keep the fidelity of colors. You can also choose to print a black and white photo, well contrasted, for a retro effect and a very particular atmosphere.

Choose the format of your print

It is with a large format print that you will enjoy your favorite photo. Bright and impressive, the Large format (90x60 cm) enhances your photographs and allows you to appreciate them in detail. This format will easily fit in any room. You can also in a vast interior opt for the Giant format (150x100cm), or even Collector (180x120cm). Of course, the larger the format, the more expensive the print, but your photos are worth it!

Opt for a professional quality

Go to a specialist for a professional quality. In this sense, you can opt for the Zeinberg online lab. Photographic printing laboratory of YellowKorner, a French publishing house of art photographs, Zeinberg produces silver prints with high standards and a know-how recognized by the greatest photographers. Let us guide you on the website to prepare your print, choose the format and the finish

The framed photo as in a gallery

For example, you can opt for the gallery framed photo, coaster in the American frame configuration, which will give your image the impression of "floating" in the frame. A process adopted in museums and art galleries. You choose the color of the frame in harmony with the colors of your image

Choose a nice finish for a perfect rendering

You have the choice between several supports. The support depends on a good rendering but also the durability of your print. It would be a shame if the colors faded over time! Easy to handle, sober and delicate, the Fine Art print on silver paper allows a minimal and elegant rendering. Historically adapted to large formats, the Fine Art finish enhances your photographs. Your prints on silver paper can be laminated on Dibond aluminum. Contemporary and elegant, the aluminum print is particularly adapted to large format works. The aluminum finish gives a direct view of your photograph

The pro touch: finishing under Plexiglas

You won't go wrong by opting for a photo print under Plexiglas. The advantage of this finish is that it intensifies the colors and protects the print for a long time. The Plexiglas finish emphasizes contrasts, intensifies the depth of field and ensures that your print is well protected so that it retains its intensity over the years. Finally, the Matte Plexiglas finish is very popular with professional photographers and offers a beautiful natural finish, free of unwanted reflections.