10 Christmas gift ideas for travellers!

Christmas is coming up and, like every year, you think about presents at the last minute? You don't know what to get your cousin who wants to go around the world, your adventurous brother or your girlfriend who lives in her backpack? Don't stress, Petit Futé has thought of you! Not very bulky, very useful and suitable for all budgets, these 10 objects will fit in every suitcase and spoil the wisest travellers! We bet you'll make some happy?

N°10 - A universal adapter, so you'll never be without one

As all travellers know, there is nothing more unpleasant than arriving in a country and finding yourself in front of a new type of plug without having the right adapter. Impossible to recharge your computer, your phone and especially your camera! Small but useful, this gift is a must in the backpack of a seasoned globetrotter. It will delight all long-distance travellers

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N°9- The indispensable backpack

It's the centerpiece of any getaway. Backpackers will prefer it big and solid, others small and clever to take it for a ride. In any case, it is the ideal companion for travellers. They will be able to store all their equipment, protected from shocks and bad weather. To be prepared for all eventualities, you could even add a cover to protect it from the rain! A useful, even indispensable gift!

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N°8- A bottle of filtering water, an eco-friendly gift

In some countries it is not recommended to drink tap water. The purchase of bottled water becomes essential. However, this habit is not really environmentally friendly! There are several solutions to alleviate this problem, the simplest remains the purchase of a bottle of filtered water. Giving this gift is giving a little boost to the planet while pleasing your favorite traveler!

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N°7- A travel hammock, for the laziest ones

What could be better than taking a nap in the middle of the jungle or on the beach? A hammock is an indispensable accessory when travelling! There are nowadays very light and compact hammocks that will delight backpack travellers. All you need to do is find two trees close enough, and you're done! Long live the stars!

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No. 6- An electronic reader, for big readers

Although you are encouraged to continue reading on paper, it is true that long-haul travellers sometimes have to reduce the weight of their luggage as much as possible. Books weigh heavy and are often the first to go! The electronic reader is a good way to take your library with you, for only a few grams! It's a must-have for reading enthusiasts.

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N°5- A passport protector, to cross borders in style

Valid for 10 years, the passport gets damaged very quickly on the road... It is therefore important to preserve this precious sesame in a nice pocket. Whether you make it yourself or succumb to one of the models on sale, this little attention will brighten up all the border crossings of your favourite traveller

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N°4- A travel kit, to spend sweet nights on the road

If you want to spoil a fan of long bus or train journeys, there's nothing better than thinking about your sleep! Offer him an inflatable pillow or a headrest, these little details can change a night! The most demanding can also appreciate an eye bandage or even earplugs... As long as all these items are in a small size, you can be sure that they will be part of the trip!

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N°3- A travel diary, so you don't forget anything

Even if we always remember our travels, we sometimes forget some juicy details to tell when we get back. Having a logbook makes it possible to record every day an adventure you have lived. You can also store train or plane tickets in it. It is the ideal gift for the eternal travellers or all those who are about to leave for a long time. You can even add a pen, to complete the picture

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N°2- A world map, to dream about

What's better than a world map to embellish your walls? Scratch it off, with a thumbtack or a sticker, your favourite traveller will mark the destinations he has already seen or those he dreams of. The daily view of this planisphere will make him want to pack his suitcase and leave as soon as possible. Thanks to this gift, you will be at the origin of each of his travel ideas. Who says better?

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N°1 - A tourist guide, the companion of all trips

Not everyone can offer a trip. To contribute to the next getaway of one of your loved ones, the ideal is to offer them a travel guide! In all humility, those of Le Petit Futé cover an impressive number of destinations and adapt to the profiles of all travellers thanks to the thematic guides! Whether the stay is planned or only dreamed of, it is the perfect gift

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