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The company Petit Futé

Since 1976, the best addresses from the end of the world are at end of the street!

It all began in 1976 with two H.E.C. students: Dominique Auzias and Jean-Paul Labourdette, who met in preparatory classes at the Fermat High School in Toulouse. Following this meeting, they decided to publish a small guide to the city of Nancy

It was a successful bet as today, Nouvelles Editions de l'Université is publishing in several languages the guides of Le Petit Futé. 4 new guides are publish every day and accompany travellers in more than 800 destinations, including more than 100 exclusive destinations, in 189 countries worldwide. Nouvelles Editions de l’Université is therefore one of the first independent publishing groups in the sector of tourism!

From yesterday to now, Le Petit Futé in a few dates

The assets of Petit Futé

Authors of the vintage
For each of its titles, Le Petit Futé benefits from the presence on site of a permanently competent team. Thus, with each new edition the editorial content is reviewed, corrected, developed and the establishments are tested and visited.

A strong reputation
Le Petit Futé has a very strong reputation in France, in the DOM-TOM but also in Belgium, Switzerland and Canada. The guides Petit Futé are widely distributed in bookshops and supermarkets. Le Petit Futé is a partner of many major tourist media and continues to increase its presence at major national and international meetings of tourism professionals.

Total independence
After 30 years of practice, Le Petit Futé can boast of always being an independent publishing house.

Total independence. Since its creation, the Petit Futé can boast of always being an independent publishing house. An information that adapts to "good deals" are still required, there are now good restaurants, beautiful hotels, charming houses, fitness centers, golf courses, etc. that were added to all these smart places! new consumption patterns. Most Petit Futé readers are on the lookout for novelty and have no fixed consumption habits. Each reader seeks to take full advantage of his leisure time and enjoy the best value for money in all his purchases as well as for his travels. Le Petit Futé has, throughout its existence, been able to adapt to different and new modes of consumption. Thus, if the