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General terms and conditions of use

The site is developed, operated and marketed by the company petit SA 14 rue des Volontaires 75015 PARIS France.

The Internet user explicitly undertakes to comply with these General Terms and Conditions of Use (GTCU).

This site, its content and the Petit Futé brand are protected by copyright.

The Internet user has the opportunity to contribute to this site by publishing reviews, photos, ratings (attribution of stars) and suggestions for establishments.

To do this, he will have to create a member account on the website and choose a username and password that will allow him to connect to his profile. This password is strictly confidential and must not be disclosed to anyone. A validation by email will be sent to the member once the registration is completed.

By creating an account, the user expressly accepts all the terms of these C.G.U. These C.G.U are available at any time on the website and may change over time.

The acceptance of these terms of use entails full and complete responsibility for the contributions and contributions of Internet users on the site.

Le Petit Futé reserves the right to suspend all or part of its services at any time, without prior notice. In addition, Le Petit Futé reserves the right to terminate the user account in the event that the member does not comply with the which he has subscribed.

No claim may be made by the user in the event of total or partial interruption of the services offered on the website.

Members have the right to access, modify, rectify and delete the personal data and information they have provided to Le Petit Futé.

If the member is a professional whose activity is referenced in the Petit Futé database and has been the subject of a criticism by another member or an editorial article, the latter has no right to modify, rectify or delete these opinions.

In order to secure his personal data, the user undertakes not to disclose his password to a third party.

Under no circumstances may Le Petit Futé be held liable for any risks related to the distribution of the password by a member to a third party.

Some personal information may be disclosed on the website These are the nickname, the town of residence and their preferences. All other information is not available to the public or to third parties.

However, Le Petit Futé may be required to disclose personal information concerning the member to the competent authorities and in compliance with the laws in force.

Once his account has been created, the Internet user has the possibility of publishing notices, photos, ratings (attribution of stars) on the addresses of the establishments or places referenced on the site.

He can also suggest new addresses. These suggestions will be published with the mention « suggested by (the nickname) ».

He may also vote for reviews left by other members.

Reviews, photos and suggestions are moderated and must be accepted in advance by Le Petit Futé before any publication.

An email will be sent to the mobile user to inform him that his contribution is accepted and published on the site (minimum delay 24 hours).

The member is solely responsible for the content of his contributions, and for all the consequences of these towards third parties. Contributions (texts, images, or drawings) must not be subject to the law (defamatory, racist, abusive, pornographic, and inciting to violence or the consumption of illegal products, under penalty of being deleted.

In addition, in these specific cases, Le Petit Futé reserves the right to cancel the registration and possibly to take the appropriate legal steps.

More generally, the content of these contributions must comply with the laws and directives of the European Community and the European Economic Area.

The member expressly acknowledges that he or she owns the rights to the notices, photos, illustrations and suggestions that he or she wishes to publish on the site.

These contributions must comply with both French and European legislation on intellectual property (trademark, copyright...).

In addition, the Internet user recognizes the Petit Futé's right to use his contributions without any compensation. Notices, suggestions, photos and illustrations will form an integral part of the Petit Futé document collection and may be used on any Petit Futé medium or transferred to partner companies.

The member also authorises Le Petit Futé to crop, retouch the photos and modify the reviews and suggestions he wishes to publish.

The fact of making a contribution allows the Internet user to win Foxies whose accumulation gives the right to gifts.

Finally, the Internet user undertakes to ensure that the use he makes of this site complies with these C.G.U.

Any reproduction or copy of the content of this site without the prior authorisation of Petit Futé is strictly prohibited.

You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by clicking on the link in the emails.

Concerning the 118 418 numbers, they are the only ones authorised to provide you with a telephone information service. This authorisation is issued by the Autorité de Régulation des Communications Electroniques et des Postes (ARCEP). More information on the site

In accordance with the ethical recommendations of the VAS + association in force on May 1, 2016, all communications with 118,418 are automatically cut off when the cost of the call reaches the maximum sum of 24 € including VAT, i.e. an average duration of 7 minutes. More information on the site

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