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Very rich in architectural heritage, Europe has many castles, witnesses of hundreds of years of history and still very popular with tourists. Fortified, of Baroque or Renaissance architecture, on hillsides or by a lake, castles continue to fascinate young and old alike. A visit is always a special moment to experience, an opportunity to go back centuries and also to measure the extent of the work involved in building such buildings. In order ...

Edimbourg, destination culturelle et festive

Edinburgh, the Scottish capital, is a magical, intriguing and romantic city that continues to fascinate artists and writers. It is so easy to fall in love with it, for a visit or for a lifetime. It must be said that there are some here for all tastes. Edinburgh has a thousand faces: that of the young night owl and the old bards in kilt, that of history set in marble and permanent innovation, that of defended traditions and openness to the ...