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Exposition autour du lien entre le vin et la civilisation gréco-romaine à la Cité du Vin

Drinking with the gods is the name of the exhibition taking place this summer at the Cité du Vin. Throughout a journey enriched by contemporary sound and visual devices, the event highlights the close links established by the Greco-Roman civilization between wine, the gods and men. The public will discover nearly fifty works, including exceptional loans from the Louvre and the National Archaeological Museum of Athens. All of this wealth ...

Couvre-feu à Bordeaux Métropole : comment vivre un joyeux apéro en petit comité ?

The curfew in France requires us to be at home by 7pm at the latest and not to go out before 6am the next day. In Bordeaux as elsewhere, this does not prevent the organization of aperitifs in small groups, with one's lover, with a maximum of six friends who can stay at home, or with family members. In this period when we can't go on a trip except for compelling reasons, organizing an aperitif to talk about travels can be the opportunity to ...

Escapade girondine à la découverte des vins de Bordeaux

A stay in Bordeaux and its surroundings is always a good opportunity to taste its great wines. Saint-Émilion, Pauillac or Margaux are all appellations that are well known to wine lovers and accompany aperitifs and other gastronomic moments with family and friends. But beyond the pleasure of tasting these precious beverages, which are renowned throughout the world, a trip to the Gironde is also a wonderful opportunity to stroll through the ...

Bordeaux produit le premier vin français au cannabis

We hear more and more about products containing CBD, and this now also applies to... wine! The Burdi W (for Burdigala Weed), is thus the first French wine with cannabis to have seen the light of day, via a marketing campaign on the KissKissBankBank platform. It is actually a "Flavoured Wine Drink", produced from a cuvée of petit verdot from the Bordeaux vineyards. The project is that of two entrepreneurs, including Raphaël de Pablo, who ...

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