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Wine Explorers : le seul blog de voyage sur tous les vins du monde

Jean-Baptiste Ancelot's blog is the realization of an unprecedented project: a tour of the world of wine. On Wine Explorers, you can discover a multitude of wines from around the world. And for good reason! He travelled to 88 countries and visited 530 estates, which corresponds to 400,000 km travelled. During this interview, he told us about his incredible adventure.How did you get the idea to create such a blog? Jean-Baptiste Ancelot: "It ...

L'Ouzbékistan : voyage à la rencontre de sa population et d'un précieux artisanat

Uzbekistan, a country in Central Asia, was once an unavoidable stop on the Silk Road. If it abounds in sublime monuments, it also crosses the path of many craftsmen, potters, weavers, embroiderers and miniaturist painters, whose skills inspire Western creators, and who are always ready to welcome visitors to their workshops. The population is indeed welcoming, smiling, eager to communicate, so do not hesitate to go and discover this ...

Dans quels pays voyager avec un budget limité ?

To travel, it is not necessary to roll in gold. Backpackers or itinerant travellers know this very well, apart from air travel, which can be expensive - even if we had already given you some good tips to help you get it at the best price, once you get there, there are several ways to save. Certainly, palaces and starred restaurants are to be banned in order not to exceed your budget, but eating a sandwich in front of a splendid landscape is ...

L'Ouzbékistan, mythique contrée sur les routes de la soie

"Everything I have heard about the beauty of Samarkand is pure truth - but it is even more splendid than I could have imagined! "said Alexander the Great. Indeed, it was the legends of the past and the mythical name of Samarkand that guided most visitors to Uzbekistan. In endless spaces of steppe and desert, in mountains with virgin peaks or on the shores of a lost sea, the traveller, invited to share tea with a sheep breeder under his yurt, ...