The Camargue is a unique land, with a very strong and unique identity in France. Formed by the Rhône delta, it straddles the departments of Gard and Bouches-du-Rhône. A land of white horses, celebrated by the film Crin-Blanc, and black bulls, it is guarded by guardians who are not without evoking American cowboys and who gather in herds. The bouncing bulls of the Camargue race are next to the "toros", heavy goods vehicles destined for bullfighting, for which the ancient arenas'Arles serve as a showcase. Stroll through the Camargue and admire the rich fauna and flora, made up of bulls and horses, but also pink flamingos and mosquitoes, reeds and sand lilies. You will see salt marshes and rice fields, the flagships of the Camargue economy. And you will discover amazing folk costumes in Arles or in Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. Finally, history lovers will not be disappointed and will be able to enjoy the visit of the remparts de Aigues-Mortes, the starting point for the Crusade in Saint-Louis

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Benefiting from a mild climate (although a little hot in summer), the Camargue is a region that can be visited all year round. The high tourist season takes place between July and August, accommodation is taken over and prices rise. But the Camargue also fills up during the region's major festive events: the Arles (in September) and Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer (mid-July) festivals, and especially on the occasion of the gypsy pilgrimage (24 and 25 May). The city is full, but the phenomenon is unique in France!

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When to travel?

Benefiting from a mild climate (although a little hot in summer), the Camargue is a region that can be visited all ye...
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The Camargue climate is of a humid Mediterranean type. Temperatures are mild in winter and warm in summer. Near the c...
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Traces d'encre, exposition de Carolyn Carlson à Arles

Carolyn Carlson occupies an important place in the French contemporary dance scene. Choreographer, dancer, she gives way in her work to improvisation, to letting go, to finally create an ephemeral and liberating language. Dance is not the only artistic field that fascinates her, since she is also a poet and calligrapher. The exhibition Traces d'encre, which takes place in the chapel of Le Méjan d'Arles, is a wonderful opportunity to ...

La gastronomie s'invite au musée à Arles

At the Musée de l'Arles Antique, various artists will come over several months to present plastic and audiovisual installations that will question the public on the themes of culinary gastronomy and gastronomy of the mind. Indeed, just like food, aren't the works presented in museums also an excellent way to nourish people and feed their thoughts and imagination? An immersive exhibition and a monumental projection on the myth of Actéon ...

Les jeunes filles de Camargue à l'honneur à l'occasion de la Festo Vierginenco

The last Sunday in July is the opportunity for the 15-year-old girls of the Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer to wear the adult Arlesian costume and ribbon for the first time. A day of traditions that has lasted for more than a century and a whole ritual to which everyone is invited. It is also the time to take part in a whole range of activities that take place in the arenas, the church and the streets of this charming village in the Camargue. These ...

Au coeur du monde romain lors du festival Arelate, journées romaines d'Arles

During the second half of August, the "Arelate, journées romaines d'Arles" festival offers a real journey into the Roman world, with a whole series of activities and shows designed to entertain the public and make them discover the city's rich heritage. Bringing the past to life, in the streets and around the main monuments, is the objective of this special event for families. As a preamble, a comic strip forum will take place in ...