Who says southern Italy is the unloved half of the Italian boot? In spite of old stereotypes, today we could say that Southern Italy is leading the way!

The Etruscans, the Greeks and then the Romans left grandiose traces there, such as the necropolises of Tarquinia or the ruins of Pompeii. Powerful personalities in the Middle Ages wanted to own these lands: Robert Guiscard, the "terror of the world", Charles d'Anjou, brother of Saint Louis, Frederick II, the heretic Germanic Emperor and Charles VIII, the King of France who started the Italian Wars by going to take Naples. The Renaissance blossomed in Rome, the Baroque had a golden age with masterpieces such as the city of Lecce or the thousand testimonies of Roman Baroque. Extraordinary nature is the setting for these wonders: the wooded and mountainous Abruzzo that protects from wolves, bears and lynxes, the blue sea of Puglia and its hinterland dotted with white trulli with conical roofs or the forests of Calabria. And what a kitchen! Seafood, pasta and olive oil are in the spotlight, with fruit-flavoured wines and cheeses with exotic names (mozzarella di bufala, scamorza affumicata, caciocavallo, etc.). Whether you are a sportsman or woman, exhilarated by long walks in nature, extreme mountain sports or water activities, a dilettante tempted by lazing by the sea, an art and history enthusiast who travels this land that is the equivalent of an open-air museum, or a curious person who wants to share their way of life with the natives. So let yourself go through this diversity, and enjoy 100% South of the Boot!

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