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10 paysages incroyables qui ne semblent pas provenir de notre planète

The land offers landscapes of breathtaking beauty. And some of them look like they're straight out of a science fiction movie. Soils, rocks, mountains, volcanoes, sometimes associated with the ocean, can form unexpected and unsuspected panoramas. These landscapes take place in the four corners of the globe, in Asia, Africa, Australia or South America, and arouse the curiosity of many travellers. Le Petit Futé has selected 10 natural ...

Vous rêvez de pratiquer le surf dans les plus beaux spots du monde ? Voici notre Top 10 !

Surfing is a sport that has many followers all over the world. Of course, it is necessary to practice before going to face the waves, but as soon as a correct level is reached, the pleasure of reaching the most beautiful rolls is indescribable. Many beaches are famous for the incessant movement of the sea on the planet, and their waves are the delight of surfers at heart and professionals in the discipline. Petit Futé will give you 10 good ...

Les 10 plus belles routes du monde. La n° 3 vaut à elle seule le détour...

"The important thing is not the destination but the journey itself! ». What if, as Robert Louis Stevenson said, landing in an airplane somewhere makes you lose the infinite beauty of the landscapes you've travelled through? To make you want to get behind the wheel, turn on the car radio and soak up some of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet, the Petit Futé has selected the 10 most beautiful roads in the world to do at least once ...

10 sites d'escalade exceptionnels dans le monde

Beginners or experienced, all climbing enthusiasts will agree that climbing on a rock, in the middle of nature, offers an incomparable feeling of freedom! While most training takes place indoors, climbing is one of the most popular sports for travelling. Some of the sites we have selected make all climbers dream, others will certainly be a discovery that will make them want to pack their bags, not forgetting their harnesses and harnesses! ...