It is nicknamed Ré la blanche, in reference to the colour of its traditional houses. In the Bay of Biscay, facing the port of La Rochelle, the very touristic Île de Ré stretches over 30 km long and from 5 km to 70 m wide. It is connected to the continent by the bridge that bears its name. Its population is multiplied in summer with the arrival of tourists and secondary residents. Labelled a country of art and history, the island is home to 10 charming little villages, beaches, cycle paths and unspoilt nature. In the undergrowth of maritime pines and holm oaks, plants from the scrubland and scrubland flourish. Ornithological richness adds to local biodiversity. The island lives from tourism and maritime resources (oyster farming and pleasure boating) and agricultural resources (vineyards, market gardening). From the top of the mythical Whale Lighthouse in Saint-Clément-des-Baleines, the ascent of the 250 steps provides you with a magnificent view. Windy and exposed to the Atlantic swell, the island offers many surf and windsurfing spots, including the Grenettes. Without any difference in altitude, it is ideal for cycling, which goes well with its ecological orientation. Thalassotherapy, hiking, visiting oyster beds or salt marshes, tasting Pineau and Cognac, fishing on foot are on the program. You will also enjoy the cobbled streets lined with charming houses, the landscape of the dunes, the ocean and its tides, the tasting of fish and shellfish. However, Ile de Ré is somewhat elitist. This destination is not suitable for small budgets.

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In summer, the population of Île de Ré increases from 20,000 to 200,000 residents! In addition, from May to November, weekends are full of traffic jams, in one direction and then in the other! So if you are looking for authenticity, it is better to avoid these periods, especially since due to the mild climate enjoyed by the island all year round, the atmosphere generally remains mild in all seasons. It is more the rains that will be to be feared than the cold outside summer. On the island, the mimosas flower in February. If off-season tourism, most campsites are closed, small hotels and guest rooms await you all year round. Bird lovers enjoy three interesting seasons. Nearly 330 species can be observed. In spring and autumn, tens of thousands of migratory birds stop over in the north of the island in the mudflats of the Lilleau des Niges National Reserve. In winter, the Fier d'Ars hosts 50,000 waterfowl.

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When to travel?

In summer, the population of Île de Ré increases from 20,000 to 200,000 residents! In addition, from May to Novembe...
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It is an oceanic climate that prevails on the Ile de Ré. The Ile de Ré enjoys a fairly mild climate thanks to its g...
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