Tropical Parc offers a breath of fresh air in the heart of Morbihan. The park invites you to discover on more than 4 hectares the biodiversity of the 5 continents. The Jurassic garden is also located here, presenting the largest collection of articulated dinos in France in a plant setting recreated as it was millions of years ago. More than real, the mammals emit ferocious and simply impressive noises! Two new dinosaurs have just entered the garden: the Estemmenosuchus, which measures 3 m and whose skull reaches 60 cm in length, and the Dimetrodon, a carnivore which reached 3.50 m and which carries on its back a large sail perhaps used for thermoregulation. This brings the number of dinosaurs to 22, in a space in Brittany that is a real conservatory of endangered plants that dinosaurs ate. More information on the Tropical Parc website.