There was a time when making people and goods travel by road and rail was the most unbridled adventurism. The waterways, on the other hand, were far more attractive, including the not inconsiderable attraction of being able to transport larger volumes and larger loads in greater safety. This is how many cities along the rivers came into being. Such was the case of Bergerac, which was born near the Dordogne, which for a long time was the backbone of its economy. Born in the Middle Ages, in the 10th and 11th centuries, the city very early asserted its commercial vocation with its two ports where barges came to moor. These flat-bottomed boats go up and down the tumultuous river, carrying the wine already appreciated by Northern Europeans, also carrying the wood from Limousin which will make excellent barrels and casks for the wines from here but also for those from Bordeaux. Of this period, there are few things left, here and there one or two vestiges such as this section of wall, probably a remnant of an ancient rampart. This visible wall is in the cloister of the Récollets, which dates from the 17th century and now houses, after a harmonious restoration, the Interprofessional Council of Wines of the Bergerac region. Place de la Mirpe still has some beautiful half-timbered houses. A stone's throw from the cloister stands the Protestant temple. In the 1600s, the reformed religion reached Bergerac and the town became one of the bastions of the protestant movement against Catholicism. This was not at all to the liking of Cardinal de Richelieu, who repressed it with the same rigour as we know this minister who wielded both the sword and the pipe cleaner. As for Cyrano, there is his statue, even though he never set foot in Bergerac. Bergerac is classified City of Art and History.

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