The Marmaille festival re-enchants every year the live show in Rennes and more generally in Ille-et-Vilaine. The 17 creations on offer from 13 to 23 October 2020 are aimed at young audiences and families. It is an opportunity to educate children from an early age to discover the performing arts: puppets; pop song concerts; theatre and objects; dance, voice and music... The program proposed by Lillico, a Rennes-based association that supports and develops live art shows, covers several worlds: phantasmagorical exploration of nature, search for identity, sensory experience, cultural discovery..

Each show is always well identified in order to live beautiful emotions at any age.

Our selection

THE BIRD DISCO : Mosai and Vincent - Concert of pop songs - From 0 to 4 years old - 30 mn

In this acoustic and electro concert, animals are confronted with the horrors of the modern world... And even if the fauna and flora are often mistreated, humour, poetry and derision take us on a journey where the wild and the natural meet and mingle.

LE ROI DES NUAGES : Compagnie Zusvex - Puppet and Acting - For all ages from 8 years old - 1 hour

Hélios is a little boy who doesn't see the world as others do. At school, he sits most often on a low wall, looking up at the sky and escaping into the clouds. Between great adventure and everyday life, between magic and ordinary, "The King of the Clouds" is an initiatory journey, that of a child with Asperger's syndrome

TUTTUNO : Tra Le mani - Theatre of paper, shadow and music - All public from 4 years old - 40 mn

In an apartment, a man is tirelessly trying to catch a fly. Around him, time passes and the seasons also with their panoply of shapes and colours. A whirlwind of climatic phenomena allows nature to take its full place..

AN OCEAN OF LOVE: The Salamander - Object theatre and paper universe For all ages from 7 years old - 50 min

Every morning, Monsieur goes fishing off the coast of Brittany. But that day, he is the one who is fished by a frightening factory boat. Meanwhile, Madame is waiting. Convinced that her man is alive, she goes looking for him... An epic, poetic, puppet-like odyssey

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