The art center Les 3 CHA is pleased to reopen its doors by welcoming the visual artist Anne Poivilliers for the summer period, from June 27th to August 30th with the exhibition Partition Sismique.

Anne Poivilliers lives and works in Auvergne. She tames the tracing in volume, this paper which, despite its lightness, allows to release energy. For the art centre, Partition Sismique is a research on connections. The installation features a set of tracing paper fibres, connected to each other, which propagate vibrations. These vibrations come from the movements of the visitors, from the air and move randomly. Each element is determining: it is a rhizome, everything is linked. Seismic Partition was thought to be the precise moment of an earthquake showing the resonances of the vibrations coming from the earth, and where the fragile balance is visible. This installation is immersive and is accompanied by a sound system to be discovered on the spot allowing to accompany the visitor in this vibratory moment. Anne Poivilliers mostly proposes concentrated forms, whereas for the art centre Les 3 CHA, she has worked in fragmentation. This is how the work takes up the entire space of the chapel.

Due to health restrictions, the varnishing will not take place. To meet the artist, the art center proposes a finissage on Friday August 28th at 6:30 pm, free, all public.

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