Before becoming Sully, the commune was known as Sulliacum, Suilleum on an 11th century ecclesiastical register, then Sauliacum, Solacum according to the Abbot Courtepée, not forgetting the Gallo-Roman general Silius. In 1316, the commune of Sully was divided between two lords to whom the domains of Sully and Grosme were attributed respectively.

Renowned for its impressive fortress of medieval origin surrounded by moats, Sully has one of the most beautiful private castles in France. The castle of Sully is the largest Renaissance castle in southern Burgundy. The commune also has churches and chapels, several crosses to discover while walking as well as three wash houses.

Heritage is not the only interest of the town. The communal forest of 300 hectares, divided into 4 massifs, consists mainly of oak and other hardwoods on the one hand and Douglas fir and Scots pine on the other. This natural territory has been reforested with conifers since 1970 thanks to the support of the National Forestry Fund.

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