Guided tours of the abbey church are offered in June, July, August and September for individual visitors.
To open the season, it is the Countess Cunégonde d'Altenbourg, who will welcome the first visitors, dressed in her 11th century dress. She will tell her guests the secrets of construction and history of this architectural masterpiece. Then it will be the turn of her husband Rodolphe, returning from hunting, to greet his guests.
The abbey church of Ottmarsheim, built between 1030 and 1040 by Rodolphe d'Altenbourg, founding member of the Habsburg dynasty, is a unique monument in France. With its octagonal central plan, it is a replica of the Palatine Chapel of Aachen. It is the oldest religious building in Alsace preserved in its original state.

Visits on Sunday, June 19, July 24, August 21 and September 4, 2022
Tours start at 2:30 pm - Ticket office opens at 1:30 pm
A return to the past not to be missed!
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