Fed by the river Canche, the village has five fountains, including the Fontaine Saint-Jean, named after Saint Jean-Baptiste, the patron saint of the parish, with its washhouse, once the only water point in the village. Another fountain not to be missed, on the church square, is the monumental fountain overhung by a statue of the Virgin Mary. In terms of history, a rock shelter from the Neolithic period is still visible with its material deposited in the Museum of Natural History in Autun, while beautiful second homes evoke the 19th century and the bourgeoisie of Autun in the village of Roussillon-en-Morvan.

Nature plays an important role in the town thanks to the Canche and its gorges which give rise to beautiful waterfalls such as the Sault-de-la-Canche. The wild and preserved site can be discovered with sporting hikes.

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