Nestled in the heart of a region of green valleys, small ponds and calm rivers, Louhans deserves its classification among the "most beautiful detours in France". The vestiges of its medieval past give the town an authentic and picturesque character, like the arcades that line the Grande-Rue. But Louhans is also a city of commerce, a showcase for the wealth of its hinterland. Since the end of the Middle Ages, it established itself as a trading and craft town, thanks to its position on the river Seille and its location on the major trade routes linking the Jura to Italy. The vigour of its markets (the Monday market is simply unavoidable) added to the reputation of its poultry has been going on for centuries. Louhans was the birthplace of Ferdinand Berthier (deaf-mute) in 1803. He is a professor at the National Institute of the Deaf and Dumb in Paris and the founder of the Universal Society of the Deaf and Dumb.

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