When you enter Valgrisenche on the way up from Arvier, every sensitive being experiences a feeling of absolute smallness in the face of the grandeur of the surrounding environment. The view embraces a wild, unsubdued, fierce panorama, which from the green expanses of fir trees rises towards the glaciers of Mount Ruitor, the peaceful giant of La Thuile, which shows its sharp face here. Almost no human traces are visible, except for a few old stone houses perfectly hidden in the environment. After a bend in the Dora, here are the first installations: Planaval, Prariond, Gerbelle, all similar to each other and yet all filled with inimitable originality. Further up the valley is occupied by the artificial basin of Beauregard, the second largest dam in the Aosta Valley in terms of volume, which in turn gives way to the glacial cirque that takes shape on the slopes of the Grande Sassière (3,751 m). An infinite number of hiking and mountaineering trails cover all the slopes of this magnificent coomb.

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