Located in a large natural amphitheatre between the Valletta and La Pierre peaks and protected by the high peak of Mount Emilius, the Pila ski resort enjoys one of the best views in the valley. Situated directly above the town of Aosta, it is ideally connected to the regional capital by a long cable car that runs over old hamlets, meadows, woods and even vineyards! In winter, its numerous ski slopes, which range from the dense coniferous forests below to the "border" ridges with the Val di Cogne, enjoy excellent snow cover thanks to the northern exposure and high altitude, while in summer one of the largest bike parks in the region provides thrills for those who love downhill mountain biking. Further down, the villages of Gressan and Jovençan, on whose territories the ski area is developed, are in a strategic position between Aosta and Pila, and the numerous establishments there are a good compromise for alternating a day in the mountains with a cultural visit.

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